Fans were surprised by Randall Park’s appearance

The adult swimmer got things rolling for another round of April Fools’ goodness. But the fans weren’t expecting that Ant-Man and the Wasp Randall Park star to appear. In a fun twist on the branding of the various streaming services, Adult Swim has opted for “Adult Swim —” (instead of the now overused moniker.) That means just the commercials and a couple of classic adult swim ads. The person who got the most attention this time around was Promchakalaca for several reasons. First, it was directed by The Daniels, coming out of the Oscar-winning frenzy with Everything everywhere at once. After that, seeing Randall Park as the straight man in the haunting informational broom would be enough to catch anyone’s attention. Check out some of the best reactions here.

collider He actually spoke with Randall Park about his interest in these kinds of bizarre shorts. It turns out that one film community has already opened the door to this bizarre content. “Like Brian Weisall said, we were part of this Channel 101 community, and I remember, when I was at the height of my involvement in that community, I watched a lot of Brian’s shows,” Park recalled. “I just thought they were the strangest, most interesting things; so authentic. Like, really, they could only come from one really weird person. I was kind of intoxicated by them.”

Did you catch any of the big April Fools’ swims? What is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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