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Who will take on one of the biggest roles in the history of Hollywood, and indeed world cinema? Over the past few months, we’ve learned a lot about what franchise producers are looking for. Barbara Broccoli (daughter of legendary Bond producer Cubby Broccoli) and her half-brother Michael G. Wilson said it was time for a bold new direction. They’ve reportedly already met actors like Aaron Taylor-Johnson, James Norton, while, of course, Henry Cavill was almost Bond last time around. The latest possibilities reveal Bond’s disagreement over who the British public supports.

There have also been industry reports that the casting process has strict guidelines this time around. Broccoli has been vocal that they will maintain the basic requirements that the actor who takes on the role of Bond must be male and British. However, she has publicly asserted that he could be of any race.

Other reports also include details that producers are limiting the top age range to those considering 40, with the goal of building a new series of films potentially at least ten years older.

This has already dethroned past contestants like Tom Hardy at 45, and the overwhelming public favorite for many years, Idris Elba, who is now 50.

Elba, himself, has vociferously distanced himself from the role and is no longer seen as a serious contender, although he still appears relatively high in the UK’s ongoing betting odds.

As for Cavill, he’s been equally vocal about cementing his continued desire for the part he narrowly lost in 2005 to Daniel Craig. He may have been a little tough then at 22, but he’s continued to prove himself in action roles from Superman and The Witcher to brutal villain August Walker in Mission: Impossible’s Fallout.

And now, all odds are, literally, finally in his favor as he outlasts all competition.

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UK bookies Ladbrokes have just confirmed that the British public is backing Cavill as the next James Bond with massive odds now at 7/4.

Ladbrokes spokesman Alex Abbate told the Express: “Henry Cavill has moved further forward in the race to replace Daniel Craig, with punters firmly backing him to get the gig this week.”

Former leader Aaron Taylor-Johnson fell to 3/1, neck and neck with another major challenger, James Norton, who is riding successfully in Happy Valley’s final season.

The rest of the latter list consists of Bridgerton star Reggie Jean Page at 7/1, followed by Tom Hardy, who is still in the mix at 8/1, and Jack Lowden at 10/1.

Page will no doubt enjoy another spike in interest as his latest movie, Dungeons and Dragons, hits theaters this weekend, alongside Chris Pratt and Hugh Grant.

But many would be delighted at the prospect of Cavill slipping into 007’s tuxedo, especially now that he no longer has potentially distracting roles like Superman and The Witcher to lower his chances.

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