The Complete Guide to Clock on macOS Ventura

In late 2022, macOS Ventura Finally introduced the clock app. So if you have one New MacsAnd, like the MacBook Pro (2023), you can take advantage of some of its useful features. The macOS Clock app is also no different when compared to the iOS or iPadOS app. You get pretty much the same set of features, which makes it easy to learn and use. Though, if you haven’t used an iPhone or iPad, you might find the app a little confusing. To help you get started, we are going to break down the sections and features of this Mac app.

world clock

The Complete Guide to the Clock App on macOS Ventura 1: World Clock Tab

The clock app has four main tabs, the first being the world clock. Here, you can add different cities through the plus button on the top right corner. This allows you to view different time zones and easily visualize this with the included world map. You’ll see location pins on the map, as well as a day/night indicator. To delete a city, just tap the cross button towards the top left corner of the tile.


The Complete Guide to the Clock App on macOS Ventura 2: The Alarm Tab

The second tab, Alerts, is arguably the most important since users typically rely on clock apps to set alarms. By tapping the plus button in the upper right corner, you can choose the alarm time, its label, tone, whether it’s recurring, and whether or not snooze is an option. Once the alarm is saved, it will ring when the set time arrives. Of course, you can also turn the alarm on/off from the home screen or delete it entirely with the crosshair button towards the top left of the tile.


The Complete Guide to Clock on macOS Ventura 3: The Stopwatch Tab

The third tab, Stopwatch, is pretty straightforward. Once you press the start button, the time recording will start. You can click Lap to add a time tag while the main timer continues to record the session. When you’re done recording, you can click Reset to delete the records and start over.


The Complete Guide to the Clock App on macOS Ventura 4: Timer Tab

The fourth and final tab, Timer, allows you to set a countdown timer. You can choose the number of seconds, minutes, and hours, as well as the tone that will play when the countdown reaches zero. Interestingly, you can choose Shutdown instead of Tone to stop the media your Mac is playing after the set time has elapsed. To start the actual countdown, all you need to do is press Start. You can always interrupt it through the cancel button.

As you can see, using the Clock app on macOS is not very complicated. You get four main features that are easy to use and easy to master. However, keep in mind that macOS alarms do not sync up with those on iOS. So if you leave your computer at home and the alarm starts ringing, you won’t be able to select it or dismiss it from your iPhone while you’re away.

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