Here are all the new emojis in iOS 16.4

Apple released iOS 16.4 earlier this week, and it comes with a number of bug fixes, security patches, and other improvements for the iPhone. But what everyone is really talking about are the fun new emoji that are part of the equation. These aren’t anything groundbreaking or politically motivated: they’re silly choices that will help people chat more without using actual words than they used to. Do you want to tell your friends that you are ready to dance? Send them a pair of maracas! Want to give a virtual high five? You can now use your left and right pushing hands. And of course, who doesn’t have a need to send a jellyfish every now and then?

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These new emojis, 21 in total, are available for top iPhone models from iPhone 8 and later, including the new iPhone 14, and are the latest since the last big emoji update in iOS 15.4 last March, which included options like a pregnant man. , melting faces, and multiracial handshakes. New and adorable emoji range from new facial expressions and hand gestures to animals, objects, food and more. Here is a summary of the new things you can try.

Expressions and gestures

You can use the shaking face, the latest addition to the emoticon list, in a number of ways. Perhaps you want to express shock, awe and/or confusion, and even anticipation or excitement. Or maybe you were literally shivering: chills from the flu? Or maybe you get dizzy from a fun roller coaster in the amusement park? Meanwhile, the right and left hands placed in a pushing motion can be used alongside other emoji (pushing your broken down car, perhaps?) or even put together to display a high-five sign. It looks more realistic than the side-by-side animated emoji that people use to express their feelings so far.

  • Facial shaking
  • Right hand (different skin tone)
  • Left pushing hand (different skin tone)

objects and symbols

IOS 164 emojis Expressions of object symbols

In the Objects & Symbols category, there are three new heart colors, which are great for expressing more specific types of love: pink typically indicates non-romantic (i.e., platonic) love for a friend, and blue means casual love (someone you swiped on right, perhaps? ), and gray is sympathetic love, sent when someone has lost a loved one or pet, for example, is in a breakup, or needs love and support. Other objects and symbols can be used at your discretion to suggest what you like. Choosing hair may mean that you are at the barbershop doing your hair, and maracas may mean that you are ready to dance.

  • pink heart
  • light blue heart
  • Gray heart
  • wing
  • Folding hand fan
  • Poetry selection
  • flute
  • maracas
  • Khanda
  • Wireless

Animals, aquatic creatures, food and nature

IOS 164 emojis aquatic animal food

Finally, there are fun, new emojis in the Animals & Aquatic Creatures, Food & Nature category. Show your love for nature or use these symbols to express something else appropriate. A black bird for something ominous, or a whistling to signify your new birth and stare (ultimate friends, anyone?) Two peas in a pod wouldn’t technically include the twice pea emoji (both peas would be in the same pod), but don’t get questioned here, so go ahead.

  • donkey
  • Moose
  • goose
  • Jellyfish
  • whistling
  • blackbird
  • Peapod
  • ginger

Are any of these emojis innovative? no. Some of them will probably fall into forgotten emoji, never to be seen again. But maybe a few of them are ones we will use again and again. A nod is a pleasant change from a palm to a forehead or a shocked face when you don’t believe what you hear and feel disappointed or bewildered by it. Colored hearts, once you know what each one means, can now be used on a more personal level. And instead of calling your friend a donkey, you can simply send him a donkey emoji. However, the pink heart is said to have been a popular request by users, so we suspect that one will be the most used of the bunch.

Enjoy chatting!

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