How to defeat Lorient and Lothric

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Dark Souls 3 has been around since 2016, and new players to the Souls franchise continue to face the same challenges veterans did when the game first launched. Dark Souls 3 is a monument to some of the best boss fights in gaming history. Whether you’ve played Dark Souls, Elden Ring, or nothing, you’ve likely heard of Legendary boss fight against the Twin princes: Lothric and Lorient.

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As with any FromSoftware game, a small background of these characters is given directly to the player. The twin princes are crippled but basically act as one. This becomes even more apparent when you face them both in combat, which remains one of the toughest boss fights in the game. This guide will provide insight on how best to prepare for this epic battle.

**Spoilers for Dark Souls 3 ahead! * *

Preparation is key

Preparing before a fight begins is a challenge in itself. While there is no level requirement for your character to be in this fight, It is recommended that you be at least level 70 Before facing the twin princes. Anything below 70 will make this already tough fight even more difficult.

More important than the level of your character is the level of your weapon. Since Lorient and Lothric are late-game bosses, your weapon of choice should be close to the max level. Whether you use Zweihänder, Crystal Sage Rapier, or full Pyromancy, It is highly recommended to use your main weapon at +8 Since there are not many chances to get hits in this fight. Every hit will count.

Whether you are a fan of The Shield or not, Get a shield with fire resistance, such as the Dragon Crest Shield Located in the Farron Keep, it can save you from death on several occasions in this fight. Lorian forcefully wields a flaming sword while Lothric whips you with his special magic. Neutralizing damage from one source will make life easier for any player.

Sirris is sitting at Firelink's shrine, waiting for a battle

If you have completed the Sirris the Sunless Realms quest line or have given each pass to Orbeck of Vinheim, you can Call any of these companions On your side in this fight. Having a teammate will greatly reduce the difficulty of this battle.

Finally, getting many Estus Flask fees will only be a benefit to you. If you feel you don’t have much to charge, you can always quickly travel to previously visited areas to look for more. Seven charges should be more than enough for this fight.

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Phase 1: Lorient, Grand Prince

Lorient wielding his fiery sword in Dark Souls 3

This battle has two phases. The first stage will be a singles match against Elder Prince, Lorient, and his ferocious attacks with his great sword blazing. As soon as the fight starts, he will immediately switch to you and try to get a cheap hit. Evasion is the best action here Since you will not be able to lock it right after it teleports.

Lorient will Teleport throughout the fight, so always dodge as soon as you see the light illuminating his body before he moves. He would only teleport away from you when he charged his sword with light to unleash a shock wave. This move will kill you, so avoid it to continue fighting.

Raise your shield to block these attacks when he swings his sword with fire. Between this barrage of fluctuations, you’ll have the best chance of doing damage, but make sure you do Don’t get too covetous. Swinging twice to his butt, then backing off, is the most effective way to not take damage in retaliation while maintaining pressure.

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The second stage: the twin princes

Lothric revives his brother Lorient in order to fight the next boss

The second stage is where the real battle begins. After Lorient is put down, he will use his brother Lothric Holy magic to revive him, and then climb onto his back, turning this fight into a two-on-one brawl. Lothric will spend most of his time Casting miracles and holy projectiles to damage you from afar, while Lorient continues to fight as he did in the first stage.

You’ll open the start of this battle with Lothric firing a barrage of homing projectiles and a telekinetic Lorian behind your back. Spend those first few seconds avoiding this attack before it attacks, because this opening sequence can signal the end as soon as it begins. After that, you can start the same attack pattern as in the first phase, but be careful of the next projectiles that Lothric will fire.

The new attack to watch out for is Lutheric version of the spear of the soul, Which shoots a huge holy arrow that can deal massive damage and make you reel. Another step to be careful of is Revival spell. Most likely, Lorient will descend before Lothric, and when this happens, Lothric will revive Lorian while charging and emit an AOE blast. You can get a few swings in before he revives his brother but don’t last long.

The key during this stage is to focus on destroying Lothric when you can. Lorient could die over and over again during battle, and Lothric would go on to revive him. Only when Lothric’s health bar is completely depleted will the battle end.

The twin princes fight against Ash and their comrades

Continuing the fight by attacking the backs of the twin princes while retreating from sword swings is the winning formula for this fight. Those who go for the full-blown magic, faith, or Pyromancy business should opt for a melee weapon It benefits from the choice gauge, whether Faith intelligence, as magic does very little damage in this battle and requires charging – it’s also much easier to attack Lothric with a weapon, as Lorian’s body would block many spells. shooters In reality Great advantage In this battle because they do not need to get close like melee users.

No matter your playing style, this boss fight is tough and will require more than one attempt to take down this duo. good luck. And don’t forget to lock onto the princes after each teleport.

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