The Last Of Us Part 1 PC port makes Sony’s crazy Xbox claims look really bad

A few weeks ago, in an attempt as desperate as ever to block an Activision-Blizzard acquisition by Microsoft, Sony made some pretty bizarre comments that suggested it bordered on a conspiracy theory (big thanks to photo scientist Jimmy MacNeil for replacing Jim Ryan’s head with Alex Jones in that groundbreaking photo). !). What really jumped out at me was when Sony suggested that Microsoft might intentionally release buggy versions like Call of Duty on PS5, which in turn would apparently lead to gamers abandoning Playstations and running out for an Xbox (instead of, y’know). making their feelings heard online and giving Acti-Blizz hell until they fix the problem).

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It was strange to say in an industry full of outlandish statements, but when combined with the poor state in which The Last of Us Part 1 arrived, on PC earlier this week, it seems… especially bad.

In the words of a red-eyed doll with swirls on her cheeks, “Let’s play a game.” Let’s apply Sony’s reasoning that they applied to Microsoft (which, to be clear, they don’t have any evidence for, and it’s purely hypothetical) to Sony’s latest release of The Last of Us Part 1. Sony owns The Last of Us IP, and brought that IP – which it’s kept exclusively on its consoles until now – to PC. This game, which is mostly a shiny and polished success story on its platform, has just launched on PC and is a shambles. People on high-end rigs are reporting frame rates, crashes, horrible errors, and other issues. I got Mostly negative reviews on Steamwhich is bombed.

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Now, the average person with the industry might say that’s totally par for the course with big-budget Triple-A releases these days (and a lesson in not pre-ordering games like this). But by Sony’s own logic, it has been applied to Microsoft, a semi-functional PC port of The Last of Us Part 1 that could actually be purposefully released in a broken state so that we can buy the superior PS5 version. Just look at how precisely this narrative fits with what Sony told CMA about Microsoft; All we need to tweak with Sony’s statement is to switch Microsoft, PlayStation, and Call of Duty, for Sony, PC, and The Last of Us Part 1, respectively:

“For example, Sony may edit a file Computer A copy of The Last of Us Part 1 Where bugs and bugs appear… Even if such degradations are caught quickly, any remedy is likely to come too late, by which time the gaming community will have lost faith in Computer as a place to play The Last of Us Part 1in fact, as The Last of Us Part 1 Witness , The last of us It is often purchased in the first few weeks of release. If it becomes known that the performance of the game is on Computer It was the worst day Play StationAnd The last of us Players can decide to switch to PS5for fear of playing their favorite game in a second-tier or less competitive venue.”

Talk about shooting your foot in there, Sonny! The irony here is that the ports on Sony’s PCs were pretty much of the highest quality. Games like God of War, Days Gone, Marvel’s Spider-Man, and Horizon: Zero Dawn have been received and sold very well on PC, so it seems almost karmic that in the wake of Sony’s distasteful and outlandish statements, they’ve gone and released game port accurately Fits with the scenario they outlined and could happen with Microsoft and Call of Duty as far as Sony consoles are concerned.

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Even if we don’t apply Sony’s distorted theory to The Last of Us Part 1 (realistically, they simply screwed up and released the game too soon, like many recent Triple-A games), it won’t. Huge leap to point out that the games they’ve released are designed to tempt PC gamers into buying the PS5 anyway. The Last of Us Part 1, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Marvel’s Spider-Man, and God of War are arguably the biggest first Sony movies to get PC ports, and everyone Of these games either contain or are scheduled to have sequels that are currently exclusively on Sony consoles (with no mention of the PC version yet).

I’m not saying that’s the case (and I hope that’s the case), but it’s another reason why Sony hasn’t given up on the shady “Trojan horse” idea that Microsoft might bring cross-platform games to PS5 using the goal of catching gamers in the dark. The end to Xbox. If you were to look for evidence of such a practice in today’s gaming industry, Sony would be the biggest perpetrator.

I’m certainly happy to give Sony the benefit of the doubt, and I think The Last of Us Part 1 will quickly fix it on PC, and that they won’t black out games like The Last of Us Part 2 and Horizon: Forbidden West from PC players for long. But maybe next time Sony shouldn’t be making false claims that end up bouncing in their faces.

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