Team Ninja has another title in the works besides Rise of Ronin

Developer Team Ninja already announced the historical RPG Rise of the Ronin last September, but a recent interview indicated that the studio is already working on another unannounced title that appears to be on its way to release it first.

in an interview With Japanese gaming news site Famitsu, Team Ninja head Fumihiko Yasuda indicated that his team plans to release a new game every year, including this one. However, he noted that Rise of the Ronin is planned for 2024, which means that the release of this unannounced game will precede Rise of the Ronin. “We’ve been developing ‘Rise of the Ronin’ for about 7 years and plan to release it in 2024,” says a translation of Yasuda’s words during the interview. “This title is coming out in 2023, and we’d like to release a new title in 2025. Hopefully I can tell you about that in the future when I can.”

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Also known for games like the Nioh and Ninja Gaiden series, Team Ninja actually released a game last month: the ancient Chinese soul-like RPG Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. However, Wo Long was released on March 3, well before Famitsu’s interview was published, and Yasuda confirmed that the game in question was “in development”, stating that he wasn’t talking about Wo Long.

Asked about fan rumblings that Team Ninja might reboot Ninja Gaiden or revive the Dead or Alive fighting game series, Yasuda said a “misunderstanding” led to the rumors. Although he wasn’t able to provide any details to the interviewer, he seems eager to share information about Rise of the Ronin and other Team Ninja products when the time comes. “I was just saying that we think of it as an important part of the series,” he said. “So I can’t give you any details, but if the time comes, I’d like to be the first to tell you.”

Regarding his plans to release a new title every year, Yasuda seemed to express his desire to structure the releases, giving the team opportunities to learn, grow, and improve. “After all, the team’s growth will be slow if we keep releasing titles after titles over a number of years,” he said.

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