Biggest gold rush in years could unfold in California due to runoff from winter storms, miners say: ‘Unprecedented’

Gold miners expect the winter storm to bring the biggest gold rush of their lives

Gold miners expect the winter storm to bring the biggest gold rush of their lives


Placerville, California. – There’s a new nugget for historic California storms this winter: Every runoff reveals more gold, CBS Sacramento Reporting by Steve Large.

Albert Fausel is the third-generation owner of the Placerville Hardware Store, which opened in 1852.

“We do a lot of different gold supply here,” Fussell said.

The store is in the heart of gold country.

“So now, instead of selling dynamite, I’m selling metal detectors,” Fussell said.

Fossil says he’s getting ready for a new gold rush.

“I’ve never seen this in my life,” Fussell said.

Mark Dayton is an expert in metal detection.

“[There’s] $750 gold here, Dayton said, speaking of a bowl of gold nuggets here.

View an ounce of recently found gold nuggets in a few hours.

“It’s going to get crazy,” Dayton said.

Dayton believes that more gold will be more readily available this year in this historic gold country, where 1848 James Marshall changed California forever.

“It’s the biggest event of my life,” Dayton said.

The expected gold rush comes on the heels of a series of severe winter storms that have eroded rock from waterways.

Dayton explained, “As the water comes down so quickly, especially in steep gullies, it hits the banks washing fresh dirt right off the banks and freeing new deposits of gold right into the water.”

Is there a new golden opportunity in Gold Country? It was starting to feel like 49er fever.

“This year will be unprecedented,” Dayton said.

“It’s time to get some gold,” said Fossil.

Dayton predicts that the best time to start looking for gold deposits will be June and July, when river levels start to drop.

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