Dungeons & Dragons adds new monsters based on children’s drawings

Dungeons and Dragons Statblock Rules has released several new monsters, all based on drawings made by children treated at Seattle Children’s Hospital. Today, D&D Beyond released Misplaced Monsters: Volume 1, a new online addon that contains six new monster stat blocks created for Dungeons & Dragons 5e. The new monsters are unique in that they were all based on drawings made by children from Seattle Children’s Hospital, all featured in the appendix, with abilities and attacks based on descriptions supposedly given by children.

Creatures featured in the addon include Coral, a half-horse/half-fish creature that can produce bubbles of whimsy with various effects, the elaborate gardening Dandylions, and the cat-like creature Rain, which turns evil creatures into clusters of flowers. There is also the robot-like Scrapper and two dragons – a shape-shifting dragon named Seth and a “blueberry dragon” named Sheldon who lives in Wildspace and has a bag of blueberries that he can hurl at opponents.

Wizards of the Coast has partnered with Extra Life on similar charity supplements in the past, including ones that provided playable grungs and locathahs. All proceeds from nutritional supplements go directly to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Wizards of the Coast also releases an annual Secret Lair collection featuring children’s artwork reinterpreted by professional magic artists.

Monsters Misplaced: Volume 1 costs $5.95, with all proceeds going directly to Seattle Children’s Hospital and the Children’s Autism Center of Seattle. You can purchase the addon from D&D Beyond.

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