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American pop-punk icons Hot Mulligan only played a handful of shows in the UK, but they loved it so much they’ve already planned a second coming.

The band, who just announced their third album, Why Would I Watch, will be back playing venues across the UK in September 2023.

The new record will hit streaming services this month on May 12th, and will feature more insights into topics that matter to them, such as mental health and dealing with strained family relationships.

Hot Mulligan singer Tadis Sunville said, “No depressed person cries all the time. The media likes to portray deep depression as sadness, but most of the time it’s apathy. And that makes its way into alternative comedy and a**tposting. The two cultures completely collide.” The titles are the titles and the songs are what each person feels in this situation.”

On the band’s first single from the album, “Shh! Golf is on”, Sunville added: “[It’s] about my mom. I ask her to die. Every time I hear about her, she’s a worse person than before.”

Tickets for the band’s comeback are going out in the UK today Here’s all the information you need to participate.

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