Samsung’s cheapest model, The Frame QLED TV, got a big upgrade for 2023

samsung The Frame QLED TV Incredibly popular. It is not yet a competitor The best TVbut it’s a great way to get an aesthetically pleasing display in a room because it can serve as art when it’s not being used to watch top shows and movies.

But thanks to an overhaul last year, the Samsung TV lineup 2023 The Frame hasn’t changed much – almost. Samsung’s smallest version of The Frame is a 32-inch screen, and it’ll get two upgrades in 2023.

According to Samsung online store (Opens in a new tab) (free SamMobile (Opens in a new tab)), the 32-inch HD version of The Frame will finally get a motion sensor feature. This feature works when The Frame is in Art Mode and detects if there are people in the room. If there are people in the room, The Frame will remain on. But if no one is around, the motion sensor will shut off the bezel’s QLED display to conserve energy. This energy savings can add up to saving money on your monthly utility bill, so this is a big win for those who don’t want a huge screen.

(Image credit: Samsung)

The motion sensor was already available on previous versions of The Frame in larger sizes but is notably absent from the 2022 version of The Frame 32-inch. And it’s not the only upgrade the 32-inch The Frame TV is getting in 2023: according to What is Hi-Fi? (Opens in a new tab)The smaller frame also gets dual LED backlighting, which improves screen brightness. As with the motion sensor, this feature was available on the larger 2022 models but was absent on the 32-inch version of The Frame.

Buyer Beware: Make sure you are purchasing the correct Samsung The Frame

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