Community Movie Star says filming may be delayed due to the WGA Strike

As of May 1st, the Writers Guild of America has gone on strike for the second time in 15 years. The Motion Picture and Television Producers Alliance was unwilling to come to terms with the WGA as the union tried to negotiate for better pay and residuals. Now, many projects are being put on hold due to the strike ranging from Marvel movies to fan-favorite TV shows. Since the strike began, many representatives have shared their support for the WGA with plenty of big names joining the writers in the picket line. Community Co-star Joel McHale recently spoke with him collider He shared his support for the WGA and revealed that the strike could delay the long-awaited event Community film.

“I don’t say this lightly, but I support the WGA, and there is no doubt that salary has fallen 23% since 2007, and that needs to change,” McHale said. The actor explained that he wasn’t “…totally sure” how the strike would affect Peacock’s production, but added, “I think it’s not going to start on time.”

when production was on Community A movie supposed to start?

In January, McHale appeared Jimmy Kimmel Live She revealed that the show was supposed to start filming this summer. “We, we make Community A movie in June, so… thanks for remembering,” McHale told Kimmel when asked about the project. The actor wasn’t giving up too much on the movie, but jokingly confirmed, “I can tell Ken Jeong will be in it.” ”

McHale also spoke to detour Back in October about getting the cast back together again.

“We announced it. Peacock pays for it, thanks Peacock. So yeah, it’s happening and everyone’s back,” McHale said. He added, “I’m going to look a lot older. I’m not kidding, so you know I’m sarcastic about literally everything but um, there will be tears.” “We did that table read during the pandemic and I cried like a baby afterwards, not kidding.” McHale continued, “Everybody thinks what I’m saying is joking, but it’s like being with him — it’s really like a family reunion but without the holes. Because you know, you go to the family you are, and you’re like, ‘Uh, there’s this cousin of mine.’ Yes. Smell.”

While the long-awaited “six seasons and a movie” may be delayed Community Hopefully, the movie will be worth the wait.

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