On Star Sebastian Maniscalco’s Parents Explains Why He’s Not In His New Movie (EXCLUSIVE)

Sebastian Maniscalco is currently one of the most famous comedians in the world – why hasn’t he actually featured himself doing any stand-up comedy in his new movie About my father?

After all, About my father It is loosely based on Maniscalco’s life and the culture clash that occurs when his Italian immigrant father meets his fiancée’s parents. The film’s marketing was unabashed when it called Maniscalco “America’s Best Comedian,” but the story “About My Father” gives Sebastian the new career background of a successful hotel general manager, who arouses the affections of a super-rich woman. His name is Eli (Leslie Bibb).

With a tradition of comics incorporating their stage personalities into their dramatic on-screen projects, Sebastian Maniscalco could easily parade his fame on the big screen. So why don’t we do that?

“I never thought about it. Standing didn’t have a story here; the story was the relationship between my wife and I, and being a hotel general manager is what I would have done if I hadn’t been.” That’s where that came from, but I didn’t see standing as an integral part. from the movie. What you did for a living didn’t really matter. I would talk more about the relationship with my father, and I would meet my wife’s family.

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To be fair, it’s clear from the trailers that “About My Dad” Sebastian Maniscalco will put in a lot of funny work – just to keep up with his on-screen dad, Robert De Niro. With that challenge on the table, as well as his biggest leading role in a movie vehicle for himself, it’s entirely fair that Maniscalco didn’t add writing a tight five to his to-do list.

about my father SYNOPSIS: America’s Best Comedian Sebastian Maniscalco joins legendary Italian-American and two-time Oscar winner Robert De Niro, in the new comedy “About My Father.” The film is about Sebastian (Maniscalco) who is encouraged by his fiancée (Leslie Bibb) to bring his immigrant father, hairdresser Salvo (De Niro) to a weekend get-together with her ultra-wealthy, eccentric family (Kim Cattrall, Anders Holm, Brett Dyer, David Raschy). The weekend develops into what can only be described as a culture clash, leaving Sebastian and Salvo to discover that the great thing about family is all about family.

About my father It will be in cinemas on May 26th.

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