Apple’s My Photo Stream is scheduled to shut down in July

Apple is turning off my photo stream. Although it is scheduled to close in July, it will begin operation in June.

Source: Apple

Apple will shut down the My Photo Stream service in a couple of months, leaving some users looking for a new alternative. The company announced that it will be ending the service on July 26, 2023, but will begin to terminate the service from June, eliminating the ability to upload new images. Those interested in photos uploaded to the service before the closing date will be happy to know that they will be stored in iCloud for 30 days, meaning they can be accessed on any iCloud-enabled device. But Apple assures that these photos will be deleted, so make sure you back them up properly before July 26th.

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The news comes directly from Apple support page, noting that My Photo Stream shut down on July 26, 2023. While this may be annoying to some, the good thing about the service is that as long as you have devices that have the service enabled and on the same Apple ID account, you should have your photos backed up already. . Moreover, if you are in control of the original device, the images should be there as well. But just in case you’re worried about your photos, be sure to check your photo library on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac computer to see if the photos you need are stored locally.

As far as Apple recommends going forward, the company states that iCloud Photos is the best way to store photos and videos. iCloud is available as a free option with up to 5GB of storage. If you need more, you can also upgrade the service to suit your needs. But if you have lost faith in Apple, you can also try some other great cloud backup services like Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, and others. Again, be sure to make this transition and back up all your photos before July 26th, as that’s the date Apple will end My Photo Stream.

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