Emergency officials expected tidal currents to be worse in Matagorda County on Memorial Day weekend

Friday, May 26, 2023 10:51 PM

What you need to know about rip currents

Matagorda County, Texas (KTRK) – Emergency officials are issuing a warning to beachgoers in Matagorda County for Memorial Day.

The video above shows what to do if detected in a rip stream.

National Weather Service and Matagorda County officials said that with the weather and river conditions, they expect the tides to be worse than on other weekends.

According to authorities, in the past few weekends, tidal currents have been responsible for saving five people from the water, and they said a boating accident led to two more calls.

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Officials stress beachgoers to be safe and aware of water hazards.

They ask people to consider wearing a life preserver, putting flotation devices on young children, and appointing an adult to watch the children at all times.

County officials said they will patrol the beach for the public and continue to monitor the weather.

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