How to complete a boom event

Mutations are a new feature in the Fallout franchise introduced in Fallout 76. They are effects applied to the player or enemies in the Overworld. These effects can range from turning invisible as long as you don’t attack, or being able to pierce a target’s shield like butter. Either way, there is an enormous variety of what the game has to offer on mutants.

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Currently, mutation events occur in the game, replacing normal generic events with a modifier for enemies if you participate; Along with additional rewards at the end. Two mutations are applied during these public events, providing some very unique and challenging gameplay. So don your best armor and weapons, and get ready for some of the toughest content Fallout 76 has to offer.

How to access boom events

Accessing boom events is as simple as opening your map. Once an hour, a generic event with mutation modifier will randomly pop up. Like any other public event, these have recommended game levels, so be careful which boom events you want to participate in and whether you can handle them on your level effectively. If only you had a game-specific OP weapon to carry you through those hordes of enemies.

How to complete a boom event

Fallout 76 players fight against a legendary enemy




Enemies can only be defeated with melee weapons.

active camouflage

Enemies are invisible unless they attack.


Enemies explode upon death.

Freeze touch

Enemies slow down targets when attacking.

Toxic blood

Enemies leave a lingering poisonous gas upon death.

Swift footed

Enemies move and attack faster.

Group renewal

Heals enemies when they come together.

It’s one thing to participate in an event, but it’s an entirely different mutant monster that completes one. with rates like volatile or flexibleThe way you play has to change drastically. Even the best designs aren’t safe from how mutations can affect gameplay. Here’s how to beat each boom during gameplay:

  • flexible

    Flexible enemies can only be killed with melee weapons, but can be damaged to their last health point by any other weapon. Either you can switch to a Melee Build to effectively deal with these enemies (only if your Freeze or Volatile Touch modifiers are not active) or have a melee weapon ready on your hotkey to switch to when you’ve reduced all enemies to one health point for an easy cleanup. The only time this mutation presents a real challenge is when a Scorchbeast has this rate, as they tend to continue hovering in the air and only land when their wings are down.

  • active camouflage

    Active camouflage enemies remain invisible until they attack, either through melee or when shooting a weapon, and then lose their invisibility. Explosive damage type weapons such as the Rocket Launcher, Fatman or grenades are recommended as the explosive splash damage can generally hit a group of enemies. Do not use VATS-centric or critical-based buildings when this rate is in operation.

  • volatile

    Volatile enemies explode upon death, so it is recommended to avoid getting too close to enemy targets during this applicable rate. If Volatile and Resilient are both applied, try wearing Power Armor to negate as much explosive damage as possible, along with Perk flame retardant (At Max Rank, it applies +45% resistance to explosion and fire).

  • Freeze touch

    The most troubling of mutants, Frozen Touch enemies slow down the player’s animations when attacking. This affects healing, shooting, and running; Everything slows down to a snail’s speed. This is a death sentence when you’re surrounded by a bunch of enemies all applying the effect, especially if they’re fast, combat-only enemies like Ghouls or Mirelurks. Weapons with large magazines and looking for higher ground are recommended; Large magazines to apply constant pressure on enemies and higher ground to avoid melee whenever possible. Do not use melee constructs while this mutation is in effect.

  • Toxic blood

    Toxic blood enemies are only troublesome if the location of the mutation event occurs in a small enclosed area; Like a mine or inside a building. It is recommended to use ranged weapons and focus on defeating enemies in a specific area to prevent poison gas from spreading throughout the event location. Melee builds can be used while this mutation is active, but just keep moving.

  • Swift Footed enemies have a fixed increase in both attack and movement speed. This is the easiest mutation, because the best way to deal with it is to simply play as you do; Just be sure to pack a few extra Stimpacks and Med-X for the extra damage you’ll take.
  • Group renewal

    Group Regeneration enemies are a mutation that can be circumvented if you spawn enemies with other players. Avoid playing mutation events alone as all of the enemies on the screen will group together to chase you, making it impossible to defeat any of them as they all replenish lost health at the same time. Mutation events are common, so the likelihood that you will play one of them on your own is low, so this is not a big deal.

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Boom event rewards

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Completing the mutation event will reward the player with transforming packagea random assortment of Chems, Ammo, Junk, a small chance to get a crafting plan or mutagenic serum, and a guaranteed 3-star legendary weapon. If at least 3 Fallout 1st players are present in the mutation event, the mutant pack will instead become a mutant group pack. This bonus grants more Chems, Ammo, and Junk; Plus double the chance of getting a second 3-star Epic weapon, mutagen serum or crafting plan.

If you missed the general boom events, don’t worry – like any of the other popular events Bethesda has brought to Fallout 76 before, they’ll be back in the future as a weekend event. Otherwise, have some fun with your fellow bunker dwellers as you fend off these mutated enemies while they last.

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