How to get a soldier’s armor set

the Soldiers armor set It is one of the returning shields first introduced in Breath of the Wild. In the tears of the kingdom. This armor set still delivers the powerful medieval knight aesthetic of a Hylian soldier, with the powerful stats to go along with it. This armor set is a bit off the beaten track, but you can get it fairly early on in your adventure.

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the Soldier armor set It can be found in a secret location, the Royal Hidden Passage, and you’ll have to fight your way through stalkoblinsLike likes, literally tons of breakable rocks. You won’t be able to access the Royal Hidden Passage until a certain prerequisite is met, but after that, this guide can easily get you every piece of armor.

Updated by Jeff Brooks on May 25, 2023: updated the links to include more relevant text links throughout the guide and some clearer directions in the maze-like royal hidden passage.

How to get to the royal hidden passage

in order to access Royal hidden passageYou first Complete a regional temple As part of the main story objectives. Once you’ve completed your first main dungeon, fast travel to the Landing lookout Head down to Emergency shelter. Down here, look around the outside perimeter of the room to find a small hole in the back wall. Hylian his name Jiren Sweeping through the area, it offers a small side-quest related to the arcade.

Bring plenty of custom weapons with you rock breaking. flower bomb It is often necessary as well. You’ll find alternatives in the Royal Hidden Passage, but you’ll want a decent starting stock.

when you’re ready, Crawl through the hole to start your journey.

How to get Graves Pvt

The tears of the kingdom's soldiers are crying

The first piece of armor you will come across will be Private Graves. This initial path is fairly straightforward; Simply Destroy the rubble Block your way as you make your way through the narrow tunnels of the Royal Hidden Passage.

continue along the way; You will encounter a few branches along the way, but they are all very short dead ends.

After you encounter a file Like In a small cave, you’ll discover a platform just behind where it hangs from the ceiling, along with another The passage behind it is clogged with rubble. Use your climbing ability to get to the platform, then continue your journey breaking the rocks.

Tears bind the kingdom by standing in front of a pile of rocks

In the end, you will reach a larger cave with a couple stone gritgiant rock pile to your left, and more Blue ruins ahead (As shown in the image above). After defeating these enemies, Smash the giant rock pile to detect a Next passage.

Each piece of the Soldier Armor Set is Hidden behind a giant pile of rubble In Royal Hidden Passage.

Kingdom tears bind fighting like greaves soldiers

Through the corridor, you will encounter a small prison with a file Like the enemy To the left. Defeat the like and loot the chest right behind it and get the Private Graves.

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How to get soldier armor

Kingdom's Tears bind looting of armor soldiers

Head back out and through the next blue rubble corridor. This will take you to a brief encounter with some skeletal enemies on a thin walkway above the water. The cave branch below leads to some handy fairies to capture, but otherwise, you’ll want to continue down this path until you get to the A large body of water. this leads to big cave.

The land mass to the left contains a large rubble mound; Destroying this will reveal a Stallnox boss fight.

Tears bind the kingdom by standing in front of the stone corridor

To get to the soldier’s shield, you need to head through the collapsed passage against the pile of Stalnox debris. It is right in the middle of the water, and in front of it are four broken pillars. Use Bomb Flowers to break them.

Inside, you’ll come across a like ice (Ice version of Enemy Like Like). Defeat this creature (and watch out Icy breathing projectiles). Once you defeat him, loot the back chest to get Soldier shield chest piece.

There was only one more piece of armor left!

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How to get a soldier’s helmet

Tears of tears of the kingdom's soldiers

When you’re back in the watery cave with the Stalnox boss fighting across the road, you’re going to want to Turn right; You will find another corridor Which leads to another A pile of blue rubble.

Continue along this path. You’ll find a few branches here and there, but generally you’re aiming a straight shot through the ruins.

Tears Bind Kingdom Standing in front of the broken rubble corridor

Watch out for A familiar big pile of rubble. It is located at the base of a path that ends up in another cave system.

If you encounter f electric like (an electric version of Enemy Like Like), You’ve Gone Too Far.

Once you clear the rubble from the entrance to the small prison, head inside and send the two Stalkoblins rushing at you. Here, you’ll notice the normal path to where the other soldier’s piece of armor is Closed gate block the way.

Kingdom Link Tears standing in the dungeon blue arrow on the right

Instead, head towards background right cell. Inside, you will find a file boulder. Use the Ultrahand ability to move it, revealing a coil hole in the ground It leads to a corridor below.

Go down the corridor, head to the other side, climb out of the corridor. This will put you on the other side of the locked gate.

Defeat the lone Stalkoblin here, then open the chest to get the final piece of the soldier’s armor set: Soldier’s helmet.

There’s still more to discover in the Royal Hidden Passage, like Bubbulfrog and Bubbul Gem, but if you’re only here for the shield, it’s good to travel fast from there.

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