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While exploring the enchanting landscapes of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you can unlock a set of cool equipment called Divine supports. This vortex is associated with a limiter Divine Beastsan offer Unique perks during the service Great starting equipment.

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This guide focuses on finding and acquiring All four divine whirlpools. In your search for the divine rudder, you will travel to Reto VillageAnd Death MountainAnd Gerudo CityAnd falsely domain.

Fah Mido Divine Helmet

to get Fah Marj divine rudderMake your way to Reto Village. Once there, find a file Byron Cave Snow Shelf. The ice covering the entrance to the cave must be melted. You can accomplish this task by either building a campfireusing a file fiery swordor employment Fire retardant.

Go to North Byron Snow Shelf Cave Continue along the path until you come across a pile of rocks blocking a drop. use Hammer type weapon To smash the rocks, open the path and go down into the room. To stay airborne, use a glider and take advantage of the gusts of wind rising from the bottom of the room.

Zelda's Vah Meadow Divine Helm: Kingdom's Tears

While suspended in the air, watch the room for a while Bomb pockets. These pockets can be targeted and shot at Fire arrows. When shot, some of these grenade pockets will cause water to spurt into the chamber. Keep shooting at the bomb pockets until water starts pouring out of them Three of them. As a result, a large stone door that was covering the entrance would move sideways. Drop into the water and enter the newly revealed room. Inside, you will discover a chest containing a file Fah Mido Divine Helmet.

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Vah Rodania Divine Helmet

Vah Rudania Divine Helm location in Zelda: Kingdom's Tears

to get Vah Rodania Divine HelmetYou will need to visit Death Mountain. When you open the map, you will notice this Two giant lizards Near El Din Tower. Refer to the image above to locate the file Monster’s lair on your map. Reach the top lizard’s head and make your way to the burrow.

Continue walking through the cave until you reach the chest. There are no puzzles or enemies to fight here. You can open the box and get Vah Rodania Divine Helmet. This rudder provides not only fire defense but also grant Flame guardan offer Protection from scorching heat Death Mountain.

Vah Naboris Divine Helm

Vah Naboris Divine Helm is located in Kingdom Tears

to get Vah Naboris Divine Helm-Go to the nearby desert Gerudo City. Refer to the image above to pin the location to your map. When you access this site, you will need to rock smash that cover the hole. Fall through the hole to enter the room.

Traveler Claymore in Tears of the Kingdom

The chamber is covered with rocks, and there is also a statue holding a Traveler Claymore. You can get Claymore and combine it with rocks. When you remove the rocks in the south side of the room, you can locate the chest sitting in the room. Turn around and continue removing boulders in the opposite direction of the chest. You will come across another statue pointing with claymore in a certain direction.

Clear the way rock destruction along the way, ensuring you follow the directions provided by the gnomes. Keep going through the underground ruins until you finally reach the chest. Inside the box, you will discover Vah Naboris Divine Helm. This wonderful rudder not only provides defense but also grants Shock resistance-Provide protection against electrical attacks and hazards.

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Vah Rota Divine Helmet

Vah Ruta Divine Helm located in Kingdom Tears

to get Vah Rota Divine HelmetMake your way to falsely domain and locate The cave is under the field of Zawra Referring to the image above. Make your way through the waterfall.

Complete your journey through underwater chasm, cruising carefully. Explore the depths until you come across a chest. Open the box to discover a file Vah Rota Divine Helmet. This exceptional rudder enhances your capabilities swimming speed It provides additional defense, allowing you to overcome water challenges more easily.

Upgrade divine helmets

Upgrade Divine Helmets in Kingdom's Tears

All 4 Divine Helmets in one of the Great Fairy Fountains can be upgraded using rare gems such as Zonight Specific materials obtained from their Divine Beasts. However, it is important to note that the perks gained from upgrading the vortices may not be large enough to justify the investment of these valuable resources. You are advised to carefully consider the cost and scarcity of resources before deciding to proceed with upgrades.

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