Kingdom Tears and Metal Gear collide in an epic fan made alternative

In an apparent gesture to commemorate the remake of Metal Gear Solid 3 and revive the series, an avid Tears of the Kingdom fan has taken it upon themselves to recreate it. metal gear‘s Metal Gear Rex icon Mech using the versatile Zonai components at their disposal.

With a Twitter profile decorated with stunning, intricate designs of animals like crabs, birds, dinosaurs, and centipedes, @uran120, A veteran Lego designer, he effortlessly demonstrates his impressive expertise and exceptional level of accuracy. Given their obvious skills, creating a fantasy masterpiece like Metal Gear REX’s nuclear-armed bipedal tank is certainly nothing but a breeze for them.

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Metal Gear REX plays a pivotal role in all Metal Gear installations and is arguably the most iconic item in the series. The primary purpose of this human machine – specifically the electromagnetic gun mounted on his shoulder – is to launch nuclear missiles from anywhere in the world without the need for a missile propulsion system, and with less radar detection than any other nuclear weapon worldwide.

This ability to disrupt global power dynamics (as seen in the canonical story), is exactly why protagonist Solid Snake is tasked with infiltrating military bases and neutralizing REX’s formidable weaponry throughout the series.

In addition, Ouran shows a clear passion for mecha anime in general, as evidenced by their creation of Flaming fire hand Which pays homage to the popular Gundam G series and its hero, Domon Kasshu’s famous flashy finger move. In this particular entry in the Gundam franchise, Domon seamlessly integrates martial arts techniques into his mechanical arsenal, chief among them being that he yells “God Finger” while delivering a critical blow, punctuating the action with a resounding “HEAT ENDOO,” which Ouran appropriately includes as a caption in the their posts.

There is also the interesting design of Great combat bike (Maybe a reference to Death Stranding or Akira?) And another ballistic system which bears a striking resemblance to Shagohod from Metal Gear or its real-life counterpart, HIMARS. Unlike Metal Gear REX, the Shagohod had limited mobility and lacked the distinctive bipedal design, making it similar to its predecessor Metal Gear. Notably, Shagohod appears in Metal Gear Solid 3, adding a strange coincidence to his creation along with the recent reveal of the remake.

For those interested to explore further, other attractive designs in Uran’s profile include satellite weaponsAnd Mechanical spidersiconic RX-78 beam gun Reminiscent of Amuro’s weapon in the original Gundam anime, and a nod to RB-79 ballAnother legendary weapon from the Gundam series. Perhaps the full Gundam will appear in King’s Tears one day?

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