Land Of The Sky Fish website and solve the drops puzzle

while trying to solve a puzzle Sludge problem at Zora DomainAnd, after finally meeting King Dorivan, you face the final puzzles in the puzzling verse: where is he The land of the fish of the skyand how to photograph Arrow through a droplet?

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This may be required to progress through the main story, but can be a bit of a scratch. This guide will walk you through these final steps before opening a file The way to the Water Temple In The Legend of Zelda: Kingdom’s Tears.

Updated by Jeff Brooks on May 25, 2023: The guide has been updated to include more relevant text links, along with an overall simplification of the content.

Start at Mount Polemos

After talking with King Dorivan and getting some King scalesReturn to Mount Polemos to check on Prince Sidon and inform him of his father’s condition. It will repeat the mystery of Skyfish Land, but it’s also a bit puzzling. Fortunately, you have an amazing handy Bora pillow!

Open the Purah Pad map and go to the Sky map layer. To the east of your location on Mount Polemos, you’ll discover the fish-shaped Isle of Skye. This is your destination: Floating Scales Island.

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How to get to Floating Libra Island

Kingodm road tears to sky fish island waterfall

You have a few choices, like most situations in Tears of the Kingdom.

  • Zora Armor. If you’ve already got the Zora Armor, you’ll have an easy enough time. Equip Zora Armor, which gives you very cool The ability to swim over waterfalls. You are unable to swim over any sludge falls, but the Floating Scales Island only contains sloppy water; It’s good enough. Head towards the waterfall flowing from the mouth of Floating Scales Island, slide into the waterfall, and your shield will do the rest, propelling you up.
  • Super handy vehicle. Perhaps the most time consuming, but always fun, you can build your own Zonai vehicle with the powerful Ultrahand ability. Whether it’s a rickety platform propelled by fans and a hot air balloon, or a deadly crafting rocket ship with lasers and navigation, you can access the floating island of scales in style – or pieces – depending on the strength of your building skills.
  • He remembers. If you haven’t got Zora Armor yet, you can also continue with anything falling debris. When you see one fall, look for it; You can identify recently fallen debris by Green glowing ring around. Climb aboard, activate your recovery ability on the falling boulders, and ride high into the sky. Once you reach high enough, you can simply jump and slide to your destination.

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How to solve the drop puzzle

Tears of the Kingdom tear puzzle fish sky

Now that you’re here, take a look around, however Be careful of sludge. Top it off with some Fruit Scattering or the Hydrant Zonai.

Head to the central platform, which is the highest point on Sky Island. Here, head towards Southwest side. You should see a bunch of Green floating stones Far from Skyfish Island. Adjust your angle a bit, and they’ll make a clear drop shape.

This is your goal.

The kingdom's tears illuminated the sky fish's tear mystery

You want to shoot an arrow through the drop, just like the old tablet said. But a regular stock won’t do that. You need to combine it with the King’s Scale, given by Your Royal Highness, King Dorfan. Once you miss the Fusion Arrow through the drop, it will activate a form of magic, creating a huge green pillar of light that reaches into the sky.

After solving the puzzle, return to Polymous Mountain to speak with Prince Sidon and his fiancée, Lady Yona.

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