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Outlast Trials It is the third game in the popular Outlast series developed by it red barrels, and is set during the Cold War era. In this survival horror game, players are subjected to mental and physical terror, and are forced to face a series of terrifying experiences that will push them to their limits.

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To survive, players must rely on their wits and strategic thinking, which makes it necessary to master various game mechanics, including vitality. slip capacity. In this guide, we’ll provide information on how to unlock the Slide ability in The Outlast Trials, making it essential reading for any player looking to succeed.

The importance of slipping

The sliding maneuver is a vital gameplay mechanic that allows players to dodge enemies more efficiently. This ability can be a game-changer in The Outlast Trials, as players are often pursued by relentless enemies and face many life-threatening situations. Therefore, understanding how to unlock and implement the slithering ability is vital for any player looking to survive and thrive in this game.

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Trials last long

In order to perform Slide, you must unlock Slide’s ability by playing the game and progressing through the levels. Once you have unlocked this ability, you can start moving through Press the play button to start jogging. Then, just hit the crouch button and your character will automatically perform a Slide.

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Slide open

Nurses Outlast Trials

To unlock Slide’s ability, players must speak with Emily Barlow, a non-playable character who serves as a salesman for various perks and abilities in The Outlast Trials. In order to find Emily, players have to go to the lane on the left side of the main exit area. The pharmacy is where you can find Emily. Once the players arrive Level 3 treatmentthey can visit Emily Barlow and purchase the ability to Slide as a file Tier 1 prescription benefits. By doing so, you will later unlock the Slide ability within the game.


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The Slide ability is an important gameplay mechanism in The Outlast Trials that players must master to survive the game’s terrifying encounters and environments. By unlocking the Slide ability through the prescription perk system, players can greatly increase their chances of success in this survival horror game.

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