The Last of Us multiplayer is said to be facing major setbacks

The upcoming multiplayer spin-off of The Last of Us series is said to be experiencing some annoying development issues at Naughty Dog. The Last of Us is arguably PlayStation’s biggest franchise due to the iconic status of video games, the commercial success of both the games and their re-releases, and the recent success of HBO. With all that said, it’s been three years since the last all-new game in the series, and the studio has been working on a somewhat ambitious multiplayer spin-off that spawned from a multiplayer mode scrapped for The last of us part two.

After it failed to appear at PlayStation Showcase last week, Naughty Dog released an update on social media saying the studio needed more time to work on the game before it could be shown to the public. However, it looks like things could be worse than we thought. a New reporting from Jason Schreyer of Bloomberg, one of the most popular sources for behind-the-scenes stories in gaming, notes that Last of Us multiplayer has been “scalded” with team members being moved to other projects within Naughty Dog. A recent assessment from the studio’s top brass has slowed the game’s development and now a smaller team is keeping it on life support while they decide on the project’s future. Bungie, behind the team Saucepan, was brought in to evaluate Sony’s live services portfolio following the studio’s acquisition last year. Bungie has raised questions about the long-term potential of the Last of Us project. Reports of the game’s disturbing development have also been corroborated by Jeff Group.

As of now, we have no idea what will happen from this. The project is likely to be scrapped, especially since four years of time and money were invested in it and it may take even longer to get it to a place Sony is happy with. Naughty Dog is already working on at least one more single-player game, so it is possible to put this team into this project.

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