God of War Ragnarok: All Yggdrasil Rift locations

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God of War Ragnarok sees Kratos attempting to start Ragnarok and destroy Odin and his land of Asgard. Kratos works with many different people in an effort to start the Prophecy and finally ride the Nine Worlds of Odin.

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Given that this is happening, it makes sense that Kratos would have Close Yggdrasil Rifts starting to pop up around different areas of the game. These disagreements are optional, but they do give you some nice rewards.

What are YGGDRASIL cleavages?

These divisions contain some powerful enemies that Kratos can destroy to get rare materials and rewards. These rifts are required if you wish to complete the benevolent (or optional side quest) “The Lost Lindwyrms”. There are a total of 15 rifts in all, and each one contains some fun and challenging enemies.

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God of War Yggdrasil Rift Shores of Nine 1 Rift

There is only one Yggdrasil fault located within Alfheim.

Forbidden sand

God of War Yggdrasil Rift Forbidden Sands

The first Yggdrasil fault is located within the Forbidden Sands region of Alfheim. Travel to the area where you completed the quest titled “Account”. Once there, head north until you see a rock on which you can use your hook. Then you will see a wall that can be destroyed. Smashing it leads you to a path. Follow this path and find Yggdrasil Rift.

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God of War Yggdrasil Rift Fight

There are three Yggdrasil Rifts located in Midgard.

Lake Nine

God of War Yggdrasil Rift Lake Nine

Head to the area where you completed the “Seeking Solace” quest. There is a certain area where I raised a bridge so that you can cross over to Tyre Temple. Across the bridge are two flights of stairs. The group on the left leads you to this rift.

Nine beaches 1 and 2

God of War Yggdrasil Rift Shores of Nine 1

Travel to the Tyre Temple and head north within the Shores of the Nine. You will see a path that you can travel on. In the end, you will see a fork in the path. Take the left side of this fork. It takes you straight to the first crack. After you complete this rift, head to the elevator in front of you. Take this elevator up where the second rift is located.

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God of War Ragnarok Kratos comes across the Yggdrasil Rift

Svartalfheim contains 7 of the 15 Yggdrasil fissures.

Alberich Hollow

God of War Yggdrasil Rift Alberich Hallow

Travel to the area where you defeated Ormstunga. From there go straight and find the ledge you can climb. There you will find the rift.

Alberich Island

God of War Yggdrasil Rift Alberich Island

You will destroy one of Odin’s Crows during the “Forging Destiny” quest. From that area, go down the cliff and find a rock formation that can break your spear. Once you do this, you will be able to use the hook to get into the rift.

Dragon Beach

God of War Yggdrasil Rift Dragon Beach

After you get the Draupnir Spear, travel to Dragon Beach. Use the spear at the embed point immediately to your left. Once you climb it, you can use your hook to cross the big gap. You will see a beam under which you can crawl, the Yggdrasil Rift is on the other side.

Merker tunnels

God of War Yggdrasil Rift Myrkr Tunnels

During the “Forging Destiny” mission, you will be in the Myrkr Tunnels area. You can find this rift after the second gate in the area.


God of War Yggdrasil Rift Applecore

You must complete the “Forging Destiny” quest for this. From the area on the map, you can find the statue of Tahjuf. There is an embedding point to the right of this statue. This allows you to access a new area. You can find the rift on your left in this new area.

The Forge 1

God of War Yggdrasil Rift The Forge 1

You must have a Draupnir spear before obtaining this rift. Travel to the Myrkr tunnels and find the embedment point you need to climb. As soon as you climb it, you will see another, higher one that you can climb. Climbing this one allows you to access this rift.

The Forge 2

God of War Yggdrasil Rift The Forge 2

After meeting with Freya, you can get to this area. Travel down from the top of The Forge. During this downward path, you will find an area where you can press. On the other side of it, you will find this rift.

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Vanaheim fissures

God of War Yggdrasil Rift Rift

There are 4 Yggdrasil fissures within Vanaheim.

Plains 1

God of War Yggdrasil The Rift East Plains 1

Travel to the Mysterious Gate of the Eastern Plains. From there, you’ll see a ledge on your right. Climb it and follow the path on the right. You will find the rift once you reach the end of the cliff in this area.

Plains 2

God of War Yggdrasil The Eastern Rift Plains 2

During the side quest “For Vanaheim” you will need to defeat Scarlet dread. Travel to this area and head north. The rift is located there on top of a small pond.

Plains 3

God of War Yggdrasil, the Eastern Rift Plains 3

After completing the task that returns the water to The Crater, you can get this. Take your boat and travel to this area on the map. Once there, you will see a small island located to the west of the Crater Entrance Mystic Gateway. The rift in this small island.

Delta River

God of War Yggdrasil Rift River Delta

During the “Arithmetic” mission, you pass through a river delta area. In this area, follow the river until you find a broken bridge. Look for the stream flowing from the river on your right. This stream has a small place where you can dock and follow a path. The road leads to a crevasse.

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