Samsung microSD cards get a whopping 55% off

Stock up while you can with these excellent deals.

Samsung EVO Select microSD

$18 $40 Save $22

The Samsung EVO Select microSDXC card offers the best value you can get, it comes in sizes up to 512GB and offers speeds of up to 130MB/s with U1, A1 and V10 certifications, but it’s also quite affordable.

You can never have enough extra storage space and microSD cards are a very compact solution. The format is very versatile and can be used on a variety of devices such as smartphones, cameras, computers, tablets, Steam Deck, and more. If that wasn’t enough, you’ll get a wide variety of options when it comes to size and speed, which means there’s a microSD card for every budget. Samsung’s EVO Select microSD cards are now on sale, and the biggest deal among the bunch is the 256GB card that’s discounted by a whopping 55 percent.

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What’s so great about Samsung EVO Select microSD cards?

Samsung’s EVO Select microSD card provides reliable storage and is U3 Class 10 rated cards that can transfer data at speeds of up to 130MB/s. Since this is a memory card with no moving parts, you also get a great deal of durability, as the cards offer protection against moisture, dirt, and temperature extremes. If 256GB of storage is just too much or too little, the EVO Select line comes in a variety of different sizes ranging from 64GB to 512GB.

Why buy Samsung EVO Select microSD cards?

The main reasons why you would want to buy the Samsung EVO Select microSD card are for the reasons already mentioned above. But, Samsung also backs up its cards with a 10-year warranty and states that the cards are generally good for 10,000 pairing cycles. So, if Samsung offers a 10-year warranty on its product, you can feel confident about its quality, and also that your data will remain safe. So, be sure to grab these deals while you can and check out our other Memorial Day Deals.

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