Worker killed: Houston woman found dead in Arby’s Louisiana freezer

New Iberia, Louisiana (KTRK) – A Houston woman was found dead in a freezer by her son in New Iberia, Louisiana. Now the family is suing the restaurant, claiming they knew the handle inside the fridge was broken for months.

Nguyet Ly, 63, died on May 11, and details of her death are outlined in a book. lawsuitscary.

According to the suit, Lou temporarily moved from Houston to New Iberia with her son. She used to run an Arby’s in Houston but the store owner transferred her to help with the Louisiana location. The legal filing originally says she was scheduled to be there for four weeks but the temporary placement has been extended for an additional two weeks.

The lawsuit goes on to explain that on the morning of May 11, Lou went to Arby’s to begin preparing the fast food restaurant for the opening. We learn that she entered the store’s freezer room when the door behind her closed and locked. The family’s attorney, Paul Skrapanek, said the store owners had known since last year that the door was broken.

“From speaking with the authorities, there was something broken about the latch and I don’t have specifics, but whatever it was, they were routinely holding the door open with a box of oil, apparently,” Skrapanek said.

Documents say a screwdriver was routinely used to open the door.

Sadly, it was detailed that it was Lu’s son who found her dead face. The inside of the fridge was covered in blood where I tried to escape. The family’s attorney said by phone that another person was cornered by the freezer after Lou’s death. Fortunately, they were more fortunate.

“The officers told us he went out there to check on himself and was locked in the freezer and panicked,” Skrapanek said.

The suit claims the freezer stays at -10 degrees or colder.

We have reached out to Turbo Restaurants who own Arby’s but have not received a response. Preliminary autopsy results indicate that hypothermia was the cause of death.

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