How to complete Chapter 19 Dead City in Fire Emblem Clash

After hearing the truth about Veyle and fighting a heated sea battle, the formidable Alear and their forces arrive at the port of Elusia, only to find it barren. Soon, they encounter Marnie, Mauvier, and a corrupt horde occupying the deserted city. Players will gain some experience fighting these two characters over their last few battles, but they should be careful that they won’t be surprised by the new abilities or weapons their enemies have.

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Fire Emblem Chapter 19: Engage, The Dead Town looks intimidating at first glance, but with the right strategy, and a little caution, players should be able to pull it off without too much trouble. This guide is sure to help you there.

Notable enemies

1. Movier and Mika

Mauvier is equipped with strong support from Micaiah, just as he was during the previous battle with him at Flora Port. This meant that if left unchecked, he could completely heal his allies at a great sacrifice. Unlike the previous combat, it is equipped with Brave Lance, Warp Staff and Rescue Staff. Using these, he can deal massive physical damage, warp allies towards or away from himself. Finally, he has not one but two Corrupted Revival Stones. Once destroyed, he’ll gain additional abilities, so fans should make sure to prepare before getting his health down.

2/3. Wyrms

As players have noticed, the Wyrm named 2 in the above map is isolated from the main forces by a building. If they were positioned well, they could avoid engaging in combat with that particular enemy. However, for Wyrm 3, they will likely need to either take her out or withstand her attacks while finishing off Marni.

4. Marnie and Roy

Also like Flora Port, Marni is outfitted with the famous swordsman Roy, which means fans will need at least four rounds of combat to deal with it. Because of her annoyingly high defense, they’ll have to rely on mage or defense-shredding attacks like Eirika’s Twin Strike or Alcryst’s Luna. Like Mauvier, she has a corrupt revival stone, though only one, that increases her power once one of her health bars is depleted.

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Fire Emblem Clash: Chapter 19 The map of Dead City is covered in water

The main road, like the rest of the map, is covered in meazzas, terrain that reduces an ally’s Defense and Resistance by 20 while boosting the enemies’ road by the same amount. Thus, it is crucial for fans to bring Emblem Corrin, which will allow them to create new terrains that bypass the pot. If Corrin is equipped on Alear, they can even choose between each type of terrain at once, providing the freedom to choose preferred terrain.

Flame Cannons can be used at the beginning of the map to clear some space for battle. Bringing any suitable weapons of fancy efficacy the player has would also be a boon, As the vast majority of enemies on this map are either cavalry or armored vehicles or both.

Although there are houses to visit, there is little reason to leave the middle of the map. Each House will spawn a swarm of Corrupts when interacting with it, one of whom is carrying an item. The house in the north has Dracoshield in it, while the house in the south has Elixir. If players feel confident or decide the items are worth it, they can send a team to stop them.

However, care must be taken not to split the powers too thinly in pursuit of these items.

The first step in this battle should be to send a Diamant or Crystal to speak to Sapphire to recruit her. Otherwise, you may make some risky moves when you are not under direct control. Then, fans can make their way down the main road, blocking enemies with flame cannon fire and terrain created by Emblem Corrin.

When they start to fight Mauvier, they’ll need to make sure they deal with it quickly, as warping and rescue sticks can cause problems. They can use this opportunity to send an ally after the closest Wyrm, as they can be difficult to deal with (again being careful not to separate their units too much). During this battle, allowing enemies to get too close will cause them to exit the swamp and into areas cleared by Flame Cannons, as well as bring them within range of said cannons for chip damage.

Finally, to complete this map, Fans only need to defeat Marni and Mauvier, so if they get the chance, they can feel free to ignore the stragglers and focus on the main targets. However, they must be careful when doing so, as both can take a lot of hits to defeat and leaving too little firepower can be fatal.

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Available pieces

Fire Emblem Engage Alfred & Sigurd is highlighted in the inventory tab

As mentioned before, It is possible to claim Dragonshield Elixir and Armor by defeating Corrupts generated by interaction with Houses. While these elements are powerful, it is critical that you weigh the risks of dividing forces to claim these elements versus staying together. The player will also regain the Ring of the Dawn Maiden and the Ring of the Young Lion upon completing the map.


How to get


Kill the spoilers in the south house


Kill the Corruptors in the North House

Dawn Maiden Gang

Complete the map

Young Lion Gang

Complete the map

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