Kingdom’s Tears – A quest guide for a raffian-infested village

Despite being one of the most remote locations from which to begin your journey into the Kingdom’s Tears, Lurelin Village makes its presence known very early on. Refugees from the ruined village are now spread over the entire map and make their longing for their native land known if you talk to them.

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Fortunately, there is a very real solution. You can travel to the northeastern part of the map to find the village and help its inhabitants restore it to its former glory by completing a series of quests. Ruffian-Invested Village is the first attempt to get the village back on its feet.

Start the Raffian Infested Village mission

When you get to Lurelin Village for the first time, you will see two personalities standing next to Sifumim Shrine with an important mark on it. Talk to them to start searching. The coordinates of this location are 2813, -3278, 0077.

will Talk to Paulson and the town’s sheriff Talking about the current situation of Lurelin Village. You will learn that the village has been overrun by a horde of monsters who are behaving like pirates. Monsters have taken over the whole village and scared everyone. They will ask you to help you ride Laureline Monster Village. Say yes, and the quest, Ruffian-Infested Village, will begin.”

Lurelin Village Monster Sites

Lurlin Village monster locations to complete the Lurlin-infested village of Totec

Remember, you must Kill every monster In the village. Leaving even one monster to roam around will cause the mission to remain incomplete. Monsters dot the village, but here are their general locations.

  1. Inside the large pirate ship moored in the bay.
  2. Scattered around the village near the buildings.
  3. at the harbour.
  4. Inside Laureline Village Well.

We’ve stamped all locations on the map with a star to show where the monsters are.

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How to defeat monsters in Lurelin Village

Connect white bokoblin to complete the Rose Infested Village quest

there about 20 Bokoblin, Lisalphus, and Bokoblin Chief In the village. Here are some tips for getting it out quickly.

  1. Bring at least three or four powerful melee weapons and around 30-40 arrows.
  2. Save yours Bokoblin boss’s most powerful melee weapon.
  3. Try landing head injuries As much as possible.
  4. Uses Slime buds and puffshrooms To make group battles easier.
  5. Use the Barrel bomb And integrate them into your armor to deal massive damage.
  6. You can push enemies into the water for an instant kill.
  7. Use Flurry Rush to reduce group size.

Connect the white boss's Bokoblin to complete the monster infested village mission

After you have cleaned all the monsters in the village, you may wonder why you are doing a cleanup Another piece of health The monster horde’s health bar will not decrease. That’s because you didn’t get killed everyone monsters after. probably, You missed Bokoblin down the well of Laurelin Village.

Image link division in lurelin village well totk

Head to the well and jump down to find a lonely Bokoblin sitting by the fire. Defeat him, and he’ll play a mini-scene, showing that you’ve completed the Ruffian-Infested Village quest.

Link speaks to Rozel after completing the Infested Ruffian Village

Paulson, the mayor, and all the villagers still in the village will gather at the entrance of the village and celebrate the return of their village. Talk to Bolson again after you’re done, and you can start the next mission to restore Lurelin Village to its former glory: the Lurelin Village Restoration Project.

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