Kingdom’s Tears: Gatanisis Shrine Guide

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Sometimes, the tricky part of the shrine in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom isn’t just the puzzle in the shrine itself, But how do you find it. Sometimes they are tucked away somewhere that you can’t find easily and requires a little searching.

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The Shrine of Gatanisis is such a shrine, which not only provides a difficult puzzle to solve from the inside but is A little hard to find to get to this point.

Gateanesis Mausoleum site

The shrine of Gateanesis is hidden on the side of one of the eastern slopes of the map. It has gone beyond Zora’s domain and west of Knuckel Island. The exact coordinates of the shrine They are 4498, 0825, 0095.

If you approach the cliff overlooking Knuckel Island, look down and you should be able to see the shrine Sit along the edge of the cliff. Jump down and get to the shrine. You can enter it whenever you are ready.

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Complete the shrine

TotK - Puzzle Ball Shrine of Gatanasis

The shrine of Gateanesis is not a very complicated puzzle to solve; Just It requires a fair amount of luck and timing. When you enter, you will see a long platform extending over the chasm, and above the platform, at the far end, there is a button above it. A big ball will fall on the platform causing the platform to start bouncing. But the platform Don’t bounce at the right time to press the button.

This means that You must use Recall Just in time to make the ball fly towards the button. This takes a little practice and observation. You will see that the platform drops to its lowest point when the ball falls on the platform, which will launch the ball to its highest point. If you wait until the ball Just past the point where you landed On the platform and start calling, you can send the ball to the button.

Now, this isn’t necessarily a guarantee, and you may need to try it a few times before you can hit the button. This will Push the locked door to open it. Now, you have to wait for another ball to fall on the platform to launch you into the air and slide to the door. You can also slide up the button to find a chest with it Five flowers bomb in it. When you’re ready, you can interact with the statues and receive the blessings of light.

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