OREO brings the fan-favorite flavor to summer

Oreo is bringing back the fan-favorite flavor after nearly a decade, just in time for summer. On Wednesday, Oreo announced the return of Cotton Candy Oreos. The cookies will hit store shelves June 5th and will be available wherever Oreos are sold — at least while supplies last. “Never day dream of cotton candy heavens and limited edition Oreo cotton cookies,” the brand announced on social media, writing on Instagram.

Cotton Candy Oreos debuted in April 2015 as an exclusive, but quickly became a favorite. This time, it will be available across the country so fans can have greater access to the treat. The Cotton Candy Oreos brand is described as follows:

Nostalgia, Begin! OREO Cotton Candy Sandwich Cookies are officially back on shelves for the first time in nearly a decade, available this June wherever OREO is sold while supplies last. Inspired by the popular Carnival candy, this cookie features This limited-edition cookie is a delicious golden Oreo cookie double-stuffed with pink cotton candy-flavored cream alongside blue.

Cotton Candy Oreos are the latest limited edition fan favorite to make their way back to store shelves. In April, the brand announced the return of S’moreo Cookies, also known as S’mores Oreos. It hit store shelves on May 8th. This flavor has not been available since 2021.

Cotton Candy Oreos hit store shelves nationwide on June 5th.

Are you going to check out the Cotton Candy Oreos? Is there a limited edition flavor you’d like to bring back? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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