Apple Studio Display gets a rare discount that brings it down to its lowest price ever

Apple’s gorgeous Studio Display is now getting a discount that takes a great deal off this expensive monitor.

Apple Studio Display

$1,350 $1,600 Save $250

The Apple Studio Display is the perfect pairing for your MacBook Pro if you’re an Apple fan. It has a very sharp screen and comes with a built-in 12MP webcam. It reaches a brightness of 600 nits and supports P3 wide color, and it connects with a Thunderbolt cable that can also charge your laptop at up to 96W.

The Apple Studio Display is a great companion piece if you already own some Apple Mac computing products or are just looking for a stylish looking 5K display for your Windows PC. The studio monitor features an impressive, well-calibrated panel with P3 wide color support, and also features a Thunderbolt port that can power a connected laptop with up to 96W of power. This monitor was normally priced at $1,600 but has now been reduced to $1,350 for a limited time.

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What’s so great about the Apple Studio Display?

As mentioned earlier, the Apple Studio Display features a 27-inch 5K Retina display with 600 nits brightness, support for 1 billion colors, and P3 wide color support. Not only does the display look good, but it also sounds good, thanks to a six-speaker audio system that offers spatial audio support. The screen also houses a 12MP ultrawide camera that also features Center Stage, which can keep you in the frame while you’re on a video call.

What’s more, those on a call can feel confident about the audio being picked up thanks to the monitor’s three-microphone array. In terms of connectivity, the display has one Thunderbolt 3 port and three USB-C ports as well. As mentioned earlier, the Thunderbolt port can be used to supply power to a connected laptop at up to 96W. While the monitor is primarily designed for Apple products, it is possible to use it with a Windows PC. You will not get the best experience.

Why buy an Apple Studio Display?

With all that said, the Apple Studio Display is made for a very niche group of people. If you’ll be browsing web pages all day and punching through Word documents, you’ll likely find something better for a lot less money. But if you need a monitor that will be extremely color accurate, this monitor is for you. In addition to the excellent colors, you’ll also get great sound and find great build quality with this unit. As mentioned before, this monitor is on sale for a limited time, so take advantage of the new price while you can.

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