Does he own a Dell Latitude 9440 5G?

The Dell Latitude 9440 already has 5G connectivity, but it’s optional and will cost you more when it becomes available.

There are many great laptops that you can buy for enterprise and corporate use, but one of the latest is the Latitude 9440. This Windows convertible from Dell packs in several premium features such as a capacitive touchpad with collaborative controls, a slim bezel 2560 x 1600 display screen In HD, and the latest 13th Gen vPro processors under the hood. One thing that’s common in business, though, is 5G and LTE-connected laptops. This ensures that you can stay securely connected to the Internet wherever you go with your new Dell laptop. So, are you wondering if the Latitude 9440 has 5G? The short answer is yes, it does, but the early models for sale on don’t yet offer that option.

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According to the official spec sheet that Dell sent us, the Dell Latitude 9440 supports both Intel Wi-Fi 6E and mobile broadband. This is thanks to the optional 5G modem you can add on. Right now, we don’t see the option to add this 5G modem to any device configurations for sale on, but it’s not uncommon for early models of a product to come in limited configurations. In any case, the configurations of the Latitude 9440 that will support 5G will work with AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile here in the US thanks to the Intel 5000 Advanced 5G modem. The Latitude 9440 is eSim-capable, too, so you can add to your network without a carrier SIM.

Since there are limited configurations for the Latitude 9440 right now, we have a few suggestions. You can consider purchasing a 5G hotspot to take with you on the go to get online when you can. Windows will view the 5G hotspot as a Wi-Fi network. Of course, this may incur additional charges, but it is an option. We’ve included a hotspot below, as well as a link to purchase the Latitude 9440.

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    NETGEAR Nighthawk M1 Hotspot 4G LTE Router

    Get online whenever you need it with a mobile hotspot router. For $300, a Netgear router will get you the speeds you need without using your smartphone as a tether. With the right carrier, you can even get a hotspot data plan!

  • Angled front view of Dell Latitude 9440 in tent position, facing left

    Dell Latitude 9440

    The Dell Latitude 9440 is a premium 2-in-1 laptop with a modern, sleek design, high-end Intel processors, and a sharp Quad HD+ display. It’s also the world’s first laptop with Zoom shortcuts built into the trackpad.

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