How to get pony points and rewards

Pony Points are a new type of currency introduced in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. These pony points can be used to redeem rewards such as sleeping in malanya bed, Which grants Link additional yellow hearts, or Endura Carrot, which can improve Link’s stamina.

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You can also get many valuable items for your chariot and increase the number of additional horses you can score. While these rewards may not be that great, they can still help Link and his pals during their journey in the vast world of Hyrule.

Updated on 1st June 2023 by Adeeb Aditya Khan: This guide has been updated to include more up-to-date information and give readers more information on how to get Pony Points.

How to get pony points

To start earning pony points, players have to collect Bonnie Point Card Firstly. Don’t worry; It’s easy to get one. Head to any large stable you find, and Talk to a stationary clerk. After your interaction, the employee will provide you with a Pony Point card and 1 Pony Point.

Sleeping in the stables

The first and quickest way to earn pony points in Kingdom Tears is to sleep in the stables. Sleeping in the stables will also restore Link’s health.

However, sleeping is not free. To sleep in a regular bed in the stable, you have to Pay 20 rupees. to sleep in Malanya bedYou must pay 50 rupees. You will get 1 Pony Point each time you sleep on any of the beds.

Register new horses in the stables

Registering new horses gives you 1 Pony Point. The more horses you get Taming and recording In the stable, the more pony points you earn. After you catch a horse, ride it to any stable, and you can Register them to 20 rupees all. However, the The first registration will be free And give you 2 pony points.

In general, you can record a file Maximum of six horses in the stables. But you can Increase it to ten using pony points later.

Side activities and missions

Apart from sleeping and registering horses in the stables, players can earn some pony points by completing specific activities such as Fix the stables at Lookout Landing. There are several side quests that can reward players with pony points:

  • The Horse Guard’s Order – 2 Pony Points
  • Photo of … – 1 HP point per photo
  • Uninvited guest – 2 HP points
  • Piave, Packed Out- 1 HP point

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Pony Point Rewards

Collect rewards from the ledger with pony points


Pony points are required

Harness pull


Horse god tapestry


Sleeping on Malanya’s bed


Register an extra horse


Traveler’s saddle and traveler’s bridle


Hairdressing service


Register an extra horse


Knight’s saddle and knight’s bridle


Expensive saddle and extravagant bridle


Register an extra horse


Register an extra horse


50% discount on all fixed fees


Sleeping ticket x5


Endura Islands x3


Sleeping ticket x5


Endura Islands x3


All of these bonuses can be collected using pony points from the ledger in the stables. The stables are hard to find, as there are only a few of them in Hyrule. So, if you manage to find a stable, check in and collect your rewards using the pony points you’ve earned.

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