Max removes over 100 unwieldy Joker rings

This is no joke! Season ten of Jokers are impractical It airs on Max — but the episodes for the first eight seasons are there Missing like Larry. TruTV’s hidden camera prank show about three comedians and lifelong friends vying to embarrass each other — James “Moore” Murray, Sal Volcano, and Brian “Q” Quinn — now has a “100-episode compilation” from Seasons 1-8, plus the full Season 9. This week, the streamer formerly known as HBO Max added Jokers are impractical Season 10A and the Roadblock Special that aired on TBS, TNT, and truTV this past April (the first episode since original Tenderloin Joe Gatto’s departure from the long-running franchise).

After the May 27 switch from HBO Max to Max, subscribers are trying to overeat Jokers are impractical Find out that over 100 episodes from Seasons 1 to 8 are no longer available. Of the 241 episodes that have aired since 2011, only 136 remain on the service, including the complete Season 9 and the first 10 episodes of the ongoing Season 10.

“Some movies and shows are available for a limited time only,” a Maxx spokesperson said. Character book. “We aim to deliver the strongest shows and will continue to deliver high quality programming for our streaming platform.”

The fans also took to reddit And Twitter To inquire about the missing Jokers are impractical Of the episodes, a representative for the official @maxhelp account explained: “As we take steps to offer a better streaming offering, we will occasionally adjust the shows and movies we have available. Part of that process includes removing selected content.”

Also missing from Max’s episodes Impractical Jokes: Inside Jokes, a pop-up rerun that packs classic episodes with pop-up realities. Hosted by Joey Fatone’s Impractical Jokers: After Party, The after-show that features the Joker and special guests analyzing the show’s best challenges through bonus content and insider access, is similarly incomplete.

This is not the first time for episodes Jokers are impractical It disappeared from the Warner Bros. streaming service. Discovery. Days after Gatto’s departure from the series, it was reported that several episodes featuring Gatto in “settlement” locations had been removed from HBO Max. Of those eight episodes pulled in January 2022, only two — “Boardwalk of Shame” (Season 1, Episode 4) and “Kill the Centuar” (Season 4, Episode 15) — have subsequently returned to the service and are currently available for streaming.

Since last year, the broadcaster has been purging episodes and entire series as a cost-cutting measure. Warner Bros. has since removed it. Discovery has more than 250 copies Looney Tunes shorts, several Cartoon Network shows, and several Adult Swim series.

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