The Yellowjackets Co-Creator is announcing an additional episode prior to Season 3

Yellow jackets He may have just finished his sophomore season, but it looks like he still has another adventure in store before season three. Thursday , Yellow Strat Co-creator Ashley Lyle took to Twitter to reveal that there will be some sort of additional episode for the show, likely between season two and season three. Yellow jackets episode on Showtime), Lyle hinted that it would arrive soon.

“No, go to bed! Get some rest!” Lyle wrote in response to a fan. “There will be an extra episode between seasons, but I love you guys and I don’t want you all to lose sleep thinking it’s tonight.”

Anyone can guess what exactly the extra episode is Yellow jackets It could be in store, especially given the critical and shocking twists in the Season 2 finale. Other shows have often used the extra episode device to do some kind of “very special” standalone episode – so maybe a Yellowjackets holiday special or some other themed assumption is in the cards. Either way, with Season 3 on pause due to the ongoing Writers Guild of America strike, this extra episode at least provides something to excite fans.

What is it Yellow jackets season 2 about?

Yellow jackets It begins in 1996, with a team of New Jersey high school football players traveling to Seattle for a national tournament. While flying over Canada, their plane crashes deep in the wilderness and the surviving team members survive for nineteen months. The series chronicles their attempts to survive while also tracing their current lives in the 1920s.

“Are we going to get weirder? Maybe!” Lyle previously said of the future of the show. Will the repercussions of *Reviser*’s death affect our (anti)heroes in massive ways? Will our girls’ struggle to survive against the elements (and themselves) get worse? Do we still have to tell the story, pit girl? Hey Pitcha! In short, make a show My enthusiasm. It can be both exciting and sad at times. As an obsessive TV watcher, I know being a fan feels a lot like it. Just know how grateful we are to all those who spent their precious time with us. If it brought you joy, made you laugh, thought, or Crying, or giving you a respite from real life, it makes all the madness feel worth it. All we can do is tell the story we need to know. Here’s to S3, cell. BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ.”

He is Yellow jackets Renewed for Season 3?

Yellow jackets It was renewed for a third season long before the second season even began, in part because the show was frequently breaking viewing records for Showtime.

“with Yellow jackets“The massive success of Season 1 and the pent-up anticipation of Season 2, we wanted to maximize the momentum by fast-tracking Season 3 now,” Chris McCarthy, President/CEO of Showtime and Paramount Media Networks, explained last year. “The show’s ambition is only surpassed by I thank the amazing creative team behind it, including Ashley, Bart, Jonathan, eOne and the Showtime team, for turning this into such a success.”

What do you think about the Yellowjackets getting an extra episode between Season 2 and Season 3? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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