10 changes from previous Diablo games

Diablo 4 marks a new era for the franchise as it overhauls many of the mechanics and systems that Diablo fans have come to expect. Several aspects of the collection have been changed, merged, eliminated, or built up to this new entry. These modifications are intended to simplify the gameplay episodes, but some of the changes have caused fans to miss some elements they have come to expect from the series.

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Whether you’re new to the world of Diablo with Diablo 4, or you’ve been killing minions of evil since the 90s, this list will help you see just how far the franchise has come. Before you visit the campfire again, take a look at the changes that make Diablo 4 a unique game in an iconic franchise.

10 Play and progress across platforms

Until the release of Diablo 2: Resurrected, the latest installment in the franchise before Diablo 4, cross-platform systems were still missing from the Diablo world. Fortunately, Diablo 4 has fully made up for the sins of its predecessors. Full cross-platform gameplay and progression exists between PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

No matter where you and your friends start their characters off, you can all play together and switch platforms at any time. Characters are saved on Battle.net servers (in the cloud), and cross-platform co-op gameplay does not distinguish. Special note for PC players – Connect to any PlayStation or Xbox controller for seamless console support.

9 The world has opened up

The open world of Diablo 4

Previous Diablo games are known for their small, closed instances that only supported a handful of players. You can log into the server lobby and create an isolated copy of the game that others can join. On the other hand, Diablo 4 is closer to the MMO experience than it was in previous Diablo games.

Once you select your character in Diablo 4, you will be born into a world full of other players. You will see people running, both in the city and outside the game world. Diablo 4 feels like a huge open world where other heroes are also suppressing the forces of evil.

8 The tasks have been expanded

Diablo 4 missions

Also in keeping with other recent open-world RPGs, the quests have seen significant improvements. Diablo 4 has embraced side quests, exploration, and class-specific quests that make the game world more colorful and colorful.

Quests and areas match your personality. Whether you deal exclusively with the main mission line or take on every mission that cuts your way, Diablo 4’s objectives are non-linear, and your path through the game will be unique. Quick tip: Use the Pin system to locate your current destination – it will draw a red line on the minimap showing the fastest path (even through the fog of war).

7 Dungeons are like rifts

Diablo 4 Dungeons -1

During your adventure, you will come across several dungeons hidden away in the corners of the map. These underground labyrinths are randomly generated, optional experiences that are similar to the cracks from Diablo 3. Granted valuable aspects to your power scroll, plus loot and a good chunk of XP, the dungeons are a nice change of pace during a long series of missions.

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Find the dungeons that reward the aspects you need the most. To find a specific Dungeon bonus, open the Codex of Power and select the side you want. From there, put a pin on the map, and it will direct you to the dungeon you need.

6 Minimap errors

Diablo 4 minimap

For those coming from Diablo 2, Diablo 4’s small map may take a little getting used to. Diablo 2 features a unique transparent overlay that serves as the main navigation aid, rather than the small square in the upper-right corner of Diablo 4. Although similar to Diablo 3 and many other RPGs, the minimap in Diablo 4 leaves a lot to be desired. .

You may find yourself constantly opening the world map, as Diablo 4’s mini-map is much more difficult to use than other games’ navigation systems. Even in smaller dungeons, you may need to interrupt gameplay on a regular basis to check the layout.

5 Skill trees are back

Diablo 4 skill tree

Talent Points and Skill Trees are back and better than ever. Just like in World of Warcraft, Diablo 3 turned its back on the talent system from Diablo 2, split the fanbase, and then got back into shape with Diablo 4. Earning and churning skill points in Diablo 4 makes you influential every time, keeping you keen Next open.

The skill trees for each class are deep, interesting, and highly customizable. The only downside to this new system is the user interface, which doesn’t allow you to see the entire tree without awkward scrolling up or down.

4 The deadliest Diablo

Diablo 4 Jory Monk

One of the criticisms Diablo III received was that the art style was too light, colorful, or cartoonish. Some Diablo 2 fans missed the dark and gritty style that was a staple of the franchise. Whether you prefer Diablo 2 or 3’s art style, the environments, monster design, and overall aesthetic of Diablo 4 are things to see.

Diablo 4 is the deadliest and most amazing game in the franchise. Not for the faint of heart, Diablo 4 has bone crushing combat, slashing monsters, and exploding corpses everywhere.

3 Incredible sound design

Diablo 4 sound design

Diablo games have always had immersive, engaging sound cues and ambient noises, but Diablo 4’s sound design will make you feel right there. The soundtrack in Diablo 4 showcases the effect of a wand buried in a skull, the force needed to draw a bow, and the crackling of a wizard’s fingers as they fill with electricity.

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Diablo 4’s sound design enhances all of the other components of the game. If you usually listen to music or videos while playing games, you should definitely give in-game audio a chance here.

2 The story and the most involved scenes

Diablo 4 story cut scene

Story progression and overall world building has hit a franchise high with Diablo 4. The story beats and cinematics are a nice mix of new creative ideas and nods to fans of the previous entries. New comrades have joined the fight against evil, and old allies still have their turn.

Well-timed cutscenes are sprinkled into the main story and are a welcome change of pace when they arrive. If you mix in some optional content in between the main story quests, the balance of fast-paced gameplay and immersion in the story will be a perfect combination.

1 Fighting has never been better

Diablo 4 kombat

Diablo 4 has combined the challenging gameplay of Diablo 2 with the visceral mechanics of Diablo 3. Clearly learning lessons from the previous games, Diablo 4’s combat systems are perfectly tuned. Fans of the ARPG genre should start their adventure on the Veteran difficulty, which is a good balance between engaging content and flowing combat.

Without being too difficult or too simple, Diablo 4 manages to make the combat feel challenging yet approachable. Once you can play your class effectively, you will find yourself pushing through the game at an intentional and rewarding pace.

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