Angel Torres faces 3 criminal charges after he bit his pregnant girlfriend of 3 years and pushed a 67-year-old woman down

Angel Torres, 23, faces three charges after biting a child and assaulting two other family members that same day.

Monday, June 5, 2023 9:16 PM

ABC13 Houston 24/7 Live Streaming

Harris County, Texas (KTRK) – A man is accused of biting a 3-year-old girl and assaulting two other family members over the weekend, and it may have all ended up in a children’s pool.

The above video is from ABC13’s 24/7 live stream.

Torres, 23, is being held on three felony counts: injuring a child, assaulting a pregnant woman, and injuring an elderly person.

Court records state that on Saturday, June 3, Torres bit the child on the shoulder because she had splashed him in a children’s pool.

The documents then alleged that he bit his pregnant girlfriend, leaving a mark, before shoving the 67-year-old mother twice.

Torres remains behind bars as of Monday on a $30,000 bond for all three counts.

He is expected to return to court Tuesday.

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