Street Fighter 6 is giving players a free gift to celebrate one million players

Capcom announced it Street Fighter 6 One million copies were officially sold out in just a few days. The game launched on the PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms on June 2 and became an instant hit with fans and critics largely due to its excellent network code, robust character creator, and the addition of the Drive system. This rosy visualization has resulted in huge sales figures across various platforms, which Capcom is in a celebratory mood with. Besides announcing it SF6 Already having sold 1 million copies, the team revealed that they are offering a free bonus to everyone who is currently playing the fighter.

The news was first spotted before dementia gameBut you need to be sure to moderate your expectations for that Street Fighter 6 prize. Capcom is not offering any new skins or coin rewards as part of this celebration. Instead, players who log into the game will receive a new address that they can use to distinguish themselves from anyone who jumps into it. Street Fighter 6 Later. The title will give you the nickname “Just Picked Up SF6,” which probably doesn’t strike fear into your online opponents, but it does make it clear that you’ve been on the streets since it was released.

The sales tag and bonus, though, were only part of the advertisement. As Capcom revealed it Street Fighter 6It has pushed the franchise’s numbers now to over 50 million copies sold. Certainly the bulk of this number comes from Street Fighter 2 and its numerous reissues, but it’s still a real achievement. if SF6 Able to continue its current momentum, we may see the franchise as a whole clear 60 million relatively quickly.

Either way, it’s a great time to be a fighting game fan. Street Fighter 6 It’s already a hit, but it might just be the beginning of an excellent year for the genre. Mortal Kombat 1 And Tekken 8 Looks like they’re both coming out later this year and they look great in the early trailers. despite, Street Fighter 6 It has proven that there is still a huge audience for good fighters and should continue to grow with post-launch support as we go through the rest of the year.

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