Diablo 4: Menestad Coffers Mission Guide

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When you get to the city of Kyovashad in Diablo 4, you will see a few people struggling to survive and Need help In the aftermath of the appearance of Lilith. Many of them are afraid to leave the city because of the many monsters and enemies rushing there.

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You can help many of these villagers by completing some tasks around town. This includes the quest called Menestad Coffers, which has you helping a local package tracking that have been lost in transit and need to be found, leaving it up to you to do so.

How do Mainstad vaults start?

You can start this task as soon as possible You have finished the introduction to the game Which brings you to Kyovastad with Lorath, and it is recommended that you be at least level 5 before starting this mission.

You can only find the NPC that gives you the quest, Kudomyla The Tithe Collector To the left of the city Quick travel point near the center.

Kudumila will explain to you that a monk named Bozan left town to deliver goods to the nearby settlement of Menstad, but has not been heard from since then. She fears for the monk’s He asks you to help find Bozan Go out into the wilderness to check on him and see if he’s okay.

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How to Complete Mainstad Cabinets

Diablo 4 - Busan location on the map

If you look at your map, you will notice a large blue area on the map to North/Northwest of Keuvachad. This area is where you’ll need to explore in order to track down Buzan, so exit the northwest exit of town and start making your way to the blue section of the map.

Be ready to fight, as there will be plenty of enemies to fight along your way to Bozan, and most of them consist of Ice Clan Marauders. They are not powerful enemies, but there is more than enough of that You It can be easily overwhelmed If you are not careful and considerate of your health. Just be sure to take them out as you go, and you’ll be fine.

As you explore the blue section, you will eventually Come to a cliff where you can find a bozan sloping down on the rock, does not look very good. Fortunately, he is still alive and you can talk to him. Will explains that his guards have turned against him and left him for dead here, and because of his condition, he cannot finish handing over the tithes to Menstad.

He will ask you to finish it off for him, and he will return to Kivastad. Pick up the strong chest next to Bozan and Start by turning left to take the tithes where they want to go.

You can find the real Menestad near where you find Bozan. once again, There will be some thieves from the Ice Clan This will make your ride a little more difficult, but it’s not something you can’t handle.

Once you get to Menestad, you can You find Telgun the Merchant Lord in the center of the settlementwho is the person to whom you need to hand the Strongbox to complete the task.

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