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There are a few enemies in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom that you could easily defeat more by Hinox. These giant, one-eyed, troll-like creatures can knock you down with their powerful blows and have a large pool of health that you’ll need to cut back if you want to be successful.

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Furthermore, there are plenty of Hinox scattered around the land of Hyrule and also throughout the Depths. there A whopping total of 40 Hinox roaming above the ground and 29 in the depths. So if you’re looking to get rid of Hinox from Hyrule, you’ve got a long journey ahead of you.

Hinox locations in Hyrule

40 Hinox that can be found across the entire map of Hyrule are Scattered around every corner of the world. You can often find them asleep, which leaves them open to getting their first hit or two. You can also take on some missions that will make you hunt them down for a character or character.

Either way, here’s a breakdown of where you can find each one, incl The area, the coordinates and the type of Hinox they are:

Hinox websites

here they are The basic type of Hinox You can fight. They present the easiest challenge as an enemy, though they still don’t make fun of him.

map area


Sleeping on Karuk Bridge.

-1080, 0462, 0036

Northeast of the ruins of the old royal laboratory, north of the moat of Hyrule Castle.

-0742, 1263, 0082

It is found west of the Great Forest of Hyrule, also north of the Elma Knolls Chasm.

-0407, 2011, 0177

West of Kuyuyu Shrine in Ruan Plain.

-1246, 2109, 0106

North Hyrule Ridge Chasm.

-2736, 1334, 0160

South of the Thundra plateau in the Ludfou swamp.

-2221, 0759, 0103

It was found at the source of Hebra to the northeast of the village of Retu.

-2825, 2433, 0404

South of Mount Satori, northwest of Osazume Shrine.

-2275, -0723, 0106

To the southwest is Floret Sandbar, to the west is Riverside Stable.

0693, -1081, 0012

To the southwest of the village of Kakariko, west of Lake Cila.

1470, -1330, 0099

Inside Mount Floria Cave near Lakeside Table, part of the Ousting the Giants quest.

1879, -2948, -0039

Head south of Woodland Stable at Trilby Plain.

1305, 0910, 0028

To the west of Dueling Peaks is a stable.

2051, -2004, 0020

Blue Hynox Sites

The next level of Hinox is Blue Hinox, which It comes with more health, almost 200 HP more. The result is a tougher boss, but he follows the exact same game plan as every other boss.

map area


To the east of the Zorah domain, southwest is the shrine of Gataneses.

4435, 0740, 0112

On top of Roto that overlooks Zora Domain.

3401, 0271, 0248

Inside Corta Lake Cave near Lakeside Stable. Part of the mission to expel the giants.

1652, -2911, 0156

To the west of Ippon Village, you can find it on the road leading southwest from Hatino Village.

3160, -2596, 0106

Near the southern edge of Dueling Peaks.

1273, -2175, 0250

To the southwest is Lake Hylia on the Grinnden Plains.

-0807, -3019, 0120

Found to the west of Outskirt Stable.

-2014, -1200, 0102

Along the northern edge of Hyrule, just below Hebra North Peak.

-3655, 3806, 0231

Black Henox Sites

One of the two toughest versions of Hinox is coming 1000 HP Which you must take down in order to win the fight.

map area


It can be found in Meadela’s Mantle, just south of the Frost Gleeok boss.

-4205, -1292, 0429

It is found to the southwest of Cotera’s Great Fairy Fountain.

1562, -2416, 0193

To the southeast of Spring of Courage, east of the Zonai Ruins and Harker Lake.

1098, -2872, 0068

Found within Calura Lake near Lakeside Stable. Part of the mission to expel the giants.

2025, -3061, 0096

They can be found on the beach southeast of Lakeside Stable.

1687, -3873, 0003

South of the Rist Peninsula, just before the Earth begins to turn.

4643, 1778, 0031

On the island of Lomei Labyrinth.

4603, 3530, -0065

Northeast found the Sky View Ruins of the Taiflo Tower.

0840, 3363, 0199

Near the library of Hyrule Castle.

-0154, 1064, 0215

Stalnox Websites

That’s right: Hinox has a skeletal version that you can find just like many of the other enemies in the game. This version, just like the Black Hinox, Comes with 1,000 HP to take him down.

map area


Found between the two salamander lakes to the northeast of the city of Goron.

2142, 3011, 0431

to the east of Skull Lake.

3435, 3327, -0139

It can be found on Zauz Island, in the Lanayru Wetlands.

1434, -0137, -0013

Southeast of Mount Meda, at Hanno Pond.

2771, -2713, 0153

south of Lake Prophet.

0780, -1954, 0014

In Phalian Heights, east of Kakariko village.

2414, -1167, 0199

South of Rito Village and Lake Tottori.

-3794, 1557, 0141

It is located above Tanagar Canyon, northwest of Lindor’s Brow Skyview Tower.

-2058, 1559, -0070

West of Lookout Landing, in Giant’s Forest clearing.

-1177, -0115, 0035

Near the central square in the city ruins of Hyrule Castle.

-0322, -0458, -0037

Hinox sites in the depths

Kingdom Hinox tears block its eyes during the fight

There are a lot of Hinox lurking beneath the surface, tooAnd when you run out of Hinox to cast a light on Hyrule, you can head underground to take on some more.

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Hinox websites

map area


To the southwest is Helia Canyon Mine.

-1439, -2366, -0556

Between Nuzimak Lightroot and Netinet Lightroot.

0046, -1335, -0466

Found to the south of the Daphnes Canyon Mine.

-1070, -0821, -0478

to the southwest of Abilene Grove.

0366, -0007, -0477

Blue Hynox Sites

map area


To the southeast is the Uihcoke Lightroot.

1305, 0910, -0480

Found northeast of the Soul Temple.

1652, -2911, -0707

Found northwest of the Soul Temple.

1098, -2872, -0516

Southeast Source of Courage.

1213, -2672, -0593

East Sijotu Lightroot.

1562, -2416, -0640

Found southwest of the abandoned Gerudo Mine.

-4325, -3465, -0477

Found in the northwest of the Tikanur Lightroot.

-2736, 1334, -0609

Black Henox Sites

map area


To the northwest is Muotue Lightroot, and to the northeast is Hebra Dark Skeleton.

-3655, 3806, -0678

To the west of the abandoned Hebra mine.

-2783, 2031, -0757

It can be found south of the Gerudo Canyon Mine.

-4205, -1292, -0871

It is located north of Dueling Canyons Mine.

1470, -1330, -0549

To the southwest of the secluded amphitheater, at Bubinga Grove.

2051, -2004, -0472

To the southeast is the Uu-ujoj Lightroot.

1687, -3873, -0456

It can be found at Forest Coliseum.

-0146, -2382, -0621

South of the Rist Mine and Kimimeg Lightroot.

4643, 1778, -0482

Stalnox Websites

map area


Southeast So-oaw Lightroot.

-3793, -1557, -0590

Found NE Gataharak Lightroot.

-3571, -3555, -0469

Found in Giant’s Grove, southwest of the Gustaf Canyon Mine.

-1093, 0047, -0485

North of the construction site.

0779, -1956, -0466

West Migo-o Lightroot.

2244, -1134, -0680

Found east of the Meda Canyon Mine.

2875, -2405, -0570

It can be found west of the Fire Temple, northeast of Uukukis Lightroot.

0913, 2908, -0677

Northeast Mississippi Lightroute.

2138, 3008, -0873

Northwest of Sicutamak Lightrot, in the Akala Bone House.

3257, 3445, -0430

Northeast of Giant Stallnox Grove.

-1093, 0047, -0485

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