Apple TV has just acquired a new part of Ted Lasso with great ‘potential’

Well, that was fast. Apple has already empowered people who believe a Ted Lasso should or could happen, and it did it with a single tweet.

Earlier today (June 6), less than a week after Ted Lasso’s season 3 finale aired, Apple TV posted a photo of Beard (Brendan Hunt), Roy (Brett Goldstein), and Nate (Nick Mohammed) from that episode to its Twitter account. . Donning fresh Richmond zips, the trio stare and smile — at the “trust” sign bundled together.

the tweet It has only three words: “Smells like potential.” Which certainly sounds like what you’d say about the show you want to produce.

(Image credit: Apple via Twitter)

And at that moment, the minds and hearts of Ted Lasso fans raced again, as everyone still asked “Will Ted Lasso Season 4 happen?” For its part, Apple has been completely quiet about what comes next at AFC Richmond.

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