HISD acquisition: major changes to the region after TEA leadership; Thursday 1 Board meeting with the new supervisor

Wednesday, June 7, 2023 12:01 AM

TEA takeover of Houston's ISD: where is it?

Houston, Texas (KTRK) – We are now six days into the TEA takeover of the Houston Charter School District and there are already big changes.

Houston has a new supervisor, a new board of directors, and hundreds of HISD employees reapplying for their jobs.

Superintendent Mike Miles met with the teachers and administrators. It’s been straightforward, starting with changing policies in a small group of schools, and then expanding from there.

So far, Miles has announced that all employees at 29 low-performing HISD schools will now have to reapply for their jobs this summer.

“The way to fix and move the completion point and prepare our kids for 2025 is to do a comprehensive and systemic overhaul,” Miles said Friday. “It means a lot of curricular things at once. It can’t be done in 273 schools. It’s too much. We don’t have the resources—too monolithic, too hard to change, it’s June.”

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The superintendent did not promise to close schools his freshman year, but there will likely be some school closures in the future.

He didn’t rule out bringing Charter Networks to HISD in the future, but said that’s not his focus right now. Miles is the founder of Schools for the Third Future, a charter school company in Colorado that has partnered with 11 schools across the country, including three in Beaumont. He resigned as superintendent there when he accepted the position in Houston.

Miles was also clear that teacher salaries across the district would soon be tied to student performance.

“We determine what you value – whether it’s achievement, graduation rate, preparation for 2025 and then compensate people who can give you that,” Miles said. “Our pay-for-performance model matches that principle. I’ve done it twice now.”

Thursday is the first meeting of the HISD Board of Directors with the new and supervising Board of Directors.

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