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Diablo 4’s open world concept is a huge success, and a change from previous titles. As part of making this world feel alive and well, the game includes countless side missions for players to explore. As if fun wasn’t motivation enough to complete these quests, side quests award fame, gold, experience, and crafting materials as rewards.

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Most missions are a simple formula – go here, collect that, and go back to the beginning. However, some of them are more complex. Salt, found on the dry plains, is one such task. For tips on choosing this mission, how to find a Tuji, and what to get out of it, keep reading.

Where to find salt begins with salt

Bigets Salt is located on the untamed slopes of the dry steppe. To pick up the quest, talk to Jargal outside the Jirandai Waypoint. When talking with him, he will give you vague instructions about finding Toji’s goat, saying that it was stolen by a jealous merchant and headed towards Qara Yesu.

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How to supplement salt begins with salt

Toji's body from the Diablo 4 side-quest Salt Bugs Salt

To complete this task, you will need to find Tuji. This is easier said than done, as the area Gergal mentioned is very remote and difficult to search for. Why are you asking? Well, because Karayesu is a stronghold of the dry steppe region. In order to find my touji:

  1. Talk to Gargal
  2. Clear the Karayesu stronghold
  3. Search the ruins for Toji the goat’s body
  4. Interact with the body to receive a quest item, which you will return to Gargal
  5. Talk to Gargal to complete the task

Mission tracking causes targets to blink a bit, which may help you pick out Toji’s corpse in the landscape.

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Salt starts salt rewards

The famous Broken Peaks page

Completing this side quest allows you to get +20 Typical Fame, as well as gold and experience scaled to your character’s current level. Finally, as thanks for your help, Jargal will offer you a rescue cache. Open this to get many randomly rolled crafting materials.

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