AEW wanted Mercedes Mooney in Forbidden, he may have run into Saraya

Many wondered if Mercedes Moné would be involved with AEW and New Japan Pro-Wrestling’s upcoming Forbidden Door event, though that changed when Moné suffered an ankle injury at Resurgence. It looks like it’ll be out of commission when the Forbidden Door happens, but before that, a new report from Choose a fight indicates that AEW has inquired about acquiring Moné for the event. The report also says that Moné’s rumored opponent for the event will be Saraya, though that part could not be confirmed as far as plans are in place.

Those in the know of the situation claim that AEW talked to NJPW or those with ties to NJPW hoping to get Moné an appearance at the Forbidden Door, and there was a talent in AEW who thought she’d make the show, though that all changed with her injury.

As for Money vs. Saraya, prior to Saraya’s in-ring return in AEW, it was Saraya’s last match with Money back in WWE. During that match, Saraya (going to Paige) suffered a turnbuckle, and the match was stopped as a result. Saraya will no longer wrestle in WWE and will make her in-ring return to wrestling after joining AEW.

While the report mentions the merged date, there is nothing in the report that indicates any specific plans AEW may have formulated for the match ahead of time. Saraya and Mooney have a history in WWE to build on should they both start a program later in AEW, but if that happens, it will be after Mooney has recovered from her injury.

Mooney was injured during her match at Resurgence against Willow Nightingale, believed to be a broken ankle. The resurgence also marked the debut of the NJPW Strong Women’s Championship, a title that was reportedly created especially for Muni. With her injury, plans had to be changed, and Nightingale would go on to win the title. Since then she has actually defended her in AEW and in an interview with Radio busted openThe whole thing is still surreal, Nightingale said (HT PostWrestling).

“It’s so surreal because like I said, she (Mercedes Money) is so witty. I admire her and I think respect goes into what we do in wrestling, but in a state like that, I remember sitting on the couch and watching as she made her main roster debut at Raw and I went across the house screaming and my mom was like, “What’s going on?” I was so excited because I went to school in Boston and she was a Boston girl, she’s a woman of color and it seemed like everything she did, she really believed in herself,” Nightingale said.

“Even before AEW and Ring of Honor, if this company didn’t see the star power in me, I knew the star power in me and was someone I could turn into and be like. In this, I knew the potential to meet her was there and I wanted to be proud of her as much as I did myself and hopefully it was something he could gain respect from her and her new fan base in Japan,” said Nightingale.

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