Hulu reality show “Secrets and Sisters: The Suzadah Family” sheds light on the culture and religion of 10 sisters in an American Muslim family

Now streaming on Hulu, a brand new reality show called “secrets & Sisters: SozahdahsHe appeared on the platform for the first time.

Brothers refers to 10 sisters in an American Muslim family living in Los Angeles.

6abc’s Alicia Vitarelli had the chance to chat with three of the 10 Sozahdah Sisters, who have opened up their homes and private lives to the TV cameras.

They wanted to depict life in a large family, with a mother who fled Afghanistan in the 1980s.

They certainly expected some excitement, but maybe not all the secrets.

“It was really surreal and amazing,” says Khadija Souzadah.

Her sister Jamila adds, “I feel like I definitely had to express a lot of vulnerabilities, but at the end of the day, we are sisters, and our bond is really strong.”

The ladies admitted that bonds are tested at times.

“We’ve noticed that there are these secrets that we hide from each other, but you really can’t keep them forever, because eventually they come out,” Jamila says.

What has drawn Sozahdahs to the big screen is the opportunity to share their culture and religion.

They were brought up in a conservative Muslim family.

The older sisters are more traditional, but the rest of the sisters were born in the United States.

They call themselves, “The Buck Wolf”.

“You’ll see a lot of generational tension within the show,” Jamila says, “but that’s really what’s going on out there. There are a lot of families that I’m sure can relate to being able to find your identity and trace.”

And while there are secrets, at their core, they say the show is about sisterhood.

“Blood is stronger than drama,” says Shakur Suzadah. “Drama and family above all. We always turn to family.”

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