Brought to stub quest guide

With 6 acts, a prologue, and an epilogue, few gamers might complain that Diablo 4 doesn’t have enough content. In fact, giving players hours of immersive gameplay in Sanctuary seemed to be the development team’s number one priority. To further drive home, the game includes hundreds of optional side missions for you to enjoy.

Related: Diablo 4: Sideshow Quest for Faith guideMost of these quests are very easy and simply serve as a way to get comfortable with the lore of the world, but some are a little more difficult to complete. The Bopped to Heelside quest becomes one of these quests due to the unexpectedly difficult task of finding some mushrooms in the bog. For everything you need to know about completing this mission, keep reading.

Where to find brought to the stub

To pick up the Bried to Heelside quest, players will need this A trip to the eastern coast of the Hauzer region. If you have an unlocked Backwater Waypoint, teleporting here is an easy way to get to where you need to be.

Once you get to Backwater, talk to a guy named Lumina on the northeast side of town. He will complain about being hit and ask you to help him beat his bully.

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How to complete brought to stub

After completing the task, you will have the task of retrieving some red mushrooms for Lumina. He intends to trick the bully into eating it and throwing it away as a means of revenge.

  1. Start tracking the task. This will be Useful reference point where you want to go.
  2. To find the mushroom, you’ll need to head north and go a little inland. Located at the edge of the marked area.
  3. Red mushrooms grow on the edge of a Salt water poole and can interact with it to collect it.
  4. Once you collect the mushrooms, they will disappear, and you will have them in your quest inventory. Return them to Lumina, and talk to him again to finish the job.

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Rewards for completing brought to heel

The last dialogue in the heel-side quest of Diablo 4 along with the shield bonus.

When you return the mushroom, Lumina expresses his pleasure in helping you, and you receive a reward for the research. This consists of:

  • +10 fame
  • Blocked gold level and experience
  • A piece of rare equipment (example above)

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