The best cards in the evolving Paldea expansion

the Pokemon trading card game It has a brand new expansion, with some great new cards that are a must have for gamers and collectors alike. This week, The Pokemon Company officially released “Paldea Evolved,” one of their biggest expansion packs ever. With 279 cards including nearly ninety secret rare cards, collectors will have to do a lot of work if they want to get a full deck. So what cards should you look for when opening booster packs? Luckily, we’re here to share which cards are probably the most requested, as well as how much they could sell for if you’re lucky.

Tinkaton ex (rare special illustration)

Tinkaton ex is a slightly strange card, in that its rare, non-secret equivalent is actually part of the deck. Instead, the card will be part of an upcoming Battle Deck release. This is another intriguing card with an attack that can bypass resistance and ability drops and an attack that expands based on the number of cards in your hand.

Market price: $19.52

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Chief’s orders (special illustrations are rare)


Boss Commands are a base booster card that offers free shuffle during the turn without the cost of undoing. This card effectively keeps the Chief’s Orders in the rotation for another two years. Like other basic training cards, the Secret Illustration Rare card is a hot item simply because many players plan to use it in their decks.

Market price: $23.62

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Tyranitar (rare photograph)


Tyranitar is a powerful Darkness type card with the ability to deliver some heavy attacks with a low amount of energy. While Stage 2 Pokemon often take a long time to set up in the modern metagame, it’s hard to ignore a heavy hitter that only costs one prize. Like most of the cards on this list, this is a rare illustration card that is widely considered one of the best on the list.

Market price: $24.63

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Dandra (rare undercover photography)


Dendra is one of the better supporter cards in the deck, mainly because it allows the player to quickly draw up to five cards without technically having to discard a single card. This will be a card that can be used in any competitive game deck, which is why its market price has been steadily rising.

Market price: 27.69 USD

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Chien-Pao ex (rare secret illustration)


Chien-Pao is one of the most powerful cards in the new deck, largely due to its Shivery Chill ability. Shivery Chill allows the player to quickly draw water energy from their deck. When paired with other Pokémon’s abilities, this is a useful card for setting up an entire deck in just a few turns. It also helps that Chien-Pao ex’s Secret Illustration Rare is one of the most dynamic of the decks, which helps explain why it’s one of the better cards in the deck.

Market price: $32.09

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Magikarp (rare photograph)


Magikarp isn’t a particularly powerful card, but the Illustration Rare variant is still one of the better cards in the deck largely due to its beautiful artwork. This card can at least be used with the previous Gyarados card that was released in the Scarlet & Violet deck a few months ago, but expect this to be a chase card that goes straight to the binder.

Market price: $34.86

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Iono (full art)


Iono is the rare “waifu” card that has a practical purpose in many decks. It can quickly disrupt an opponent’s plans by forcing them to place their entire hand at the bottom of the deck, which is useful given the number of cards it allows a player to draw energy or put Pokemon cards from their deck into their hand. Expect to see Iono the norm on many decks over the next few years.

Market price: $41.92

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Iono (rare covert photography)


The most expensive card in Paldea Evolved and it’s not even close. This card was so popular it caused the Japanese set it appeared to sell out and forced Creatures Inc. to sell out. on moving the collection to a print-on-demand model, which had not been done before. This could be the most expensive card to hit the market in 2023, depending on how Pokemon Card 151 is released.

Market price: $106.63

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