Remnant 2: How To Defeat Faelin

Losomn is one of the complicated worlds in Remnant 2 with multiple different areas. If you manage to acquire both Faelin and Faerin Mural Masks, you will have the opportunity to fight with only one of them on your call.

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Both masks need to be implemented on the grand plate located in Malefic Palace or Beatific Palace. As you may already know, both of these locations feature identical buildings and maps. However, Malefic Palace is set in darkness and belongs to Faerin, while Beatific Palace is set in daylight and belongs to Faelin. As soon as you put those Mural Masks on the plate, the door in front of it will open. If you go through the door while you are in Malefic Palace, you will face Faerin. However, if you pull the lever in the middle of the plate, you will be teleported to the Beatific Palace, and going through the door will let you meet Faelin.

How To Defeat Faelin

Fae 1

Even after entering the boss fight arena, you will still have time to change your mind and return to the plate to change the realm and meet the other boss. However, you can only choose to defeat one of them. In this guide, we will help you with the fight against Faelin, the boss of Beatific Palace.

As soon as the battle against Faelin begins, you will find him in a far distance. Faelin’s weak spot is his head, which is the spot that you land all your shots on to deal the highest amount of damage.

Faelin is quite fast in traversing, as he can reach you in a blink of an eye or create a magical plate beneath your feet that pushes you toward the boss. There are three different phases in this battle, and Faelin reveals new attacking modes only in the final phase.

Fae 3

In the first phase, Faelin only has three different attacking types. If you look precisely behind his head, there are a bunch of small blades that create a shape, which warns you of an upcoming attack. The deadliest attack by Faelin in the first and second phases happens when those blades behind his head join together to shape a long sword, and Faelin then swings that sword multiple times to hit you. While a few hits by that sword are enough to kill, you can actually dodge those attacks if you learn the perfect timing to perform your dodges.

Sometimes Faelin performs three swings of the sword in a row, but sometimes he unleashes energy which indicates that he is going to perform a single attack. This charged attack could instantly kill you, and you can only avoid it by dodging it. If you run away, the Faelin will eventually reach you to perform the swing, but learning the perfect time to dodge is the best way to avoid this attack. If you have enough Stamina, you can just perform dodges consecutively until he finally performs the charged attack. During the time that the boss is about to use his sword, there is no chance of dealing damage to him, and you need to focus only on dodging the attacks.

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Hopefully, Faelin also has a few ranged attacking modes that can be avoided easily, and they give you enough time to deal damage to his head. When the blades behind Faelin’s head shape a triangle or a circle, he will spawn orbs. Based on your lock, it could be one orb, two orbs, or a full row of orbs in the middle of the battle arena. If he spawns one or two orbs floating in the air, the orbs will charge in a few seconds and shoot a dart at you. Each orb shoots two darts and then disappears, but you can also destroy it with a few shots.

If Faelin spawns a row of orbs in the middle of the arena, all you need to do is to run to either end of the room. Keep in mind that you can’t pass through the orbs. These orbs will shoot darts, but those darts will hit the ground only after traveling a short distance. So, standing next to either end of the room will guarantee your safety.

As soon as you wipe over 40% of Faelin’s HP, the battle will enter the second phase. In this part, you will notice that Faelin becomes immune to your shots. He will move up a little and pull the swords on the arena to the middle. This part is almost risk-free for you, and a golden opportunity to collect all the ammo boxes on the battlefield. However, as soon as you collect the ammo boxes, you need to run and stand in front of the same door that you entered the battle from. You need to do it while the giant swords are still glowing because they will soon hit the ground in six different locations, and if you stand in a certain radius of them, you will lose HP.

Fae 7

Once the swords hit the ground and the boss descends, you can continue damaging Faelin again. In this phase, Faelin’s attacks will be similar to the first phase, but the only difference is those giant blades. Each time, three random blades will be lifted from their place and then hit the ground at a random location.

Fae 8

If you manage to reduce the boss’s health to less than 30%, the final and most difficult phase will begin. At this moment, you will hear a shattering sound, as the blades behind the head of Faelin will fall onto the ground. Faelin will disappear and divide into two different ghosts. On the other hand, all the giant swords will be lifted, and they will hit the ground randomly in a faster pace. So, you always need to keep an eye out above your head. If you see a sword glowing, it means the sword will soon hit the ground, and you need to leave that place as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, those are not all the threats. You remember those orbs, right? They will now create a cloud of orbs and spawn in the air in a random location. All the orbs will shoot darts beneath themselves, which means if they spawn above you, there will be a minimal chance of survival unless you run away quickly.

Fae 13

While keeping an eye on all of this, those ghosts we talked about earlier will join together in a random location and become the real boss to perform either of these moves: In the first attack type, Faelin will land in a distant location from you and perform a lightning-fast attack on you with a sword. You need to perform your dodge as soon as Faelin attempts to jump. If this attack hits you, death will be inevitable. However, if you dodge this attack, you can then easily begin damaging Faelin as he won’t trigger any attacks on you. He will start to rotate his blades around above his head, but you can continue shooting at him as he will eventually disappear to turn into a ghost again.

Fae 12

A second scenario for Faelin’s attack is that he will stand on top of you and unleash energy, then he will land on his sword, which deals a great AOE damage. If this is happening, you need to run away or perform a timely dodge when he lands to deny the damage. Once again, as soon as you survive his landing, you can start shooting at him until he disappears. These attacks will repeat in a random pattern during the final phase.

Fae 10

Having an improved Stamina bar is really important for defeating Faelin as you are going to dodge a lot during this battle, especially in the final phase. Running out of Stamina is almost equal to your death.

Using weapon mods like Hot Shot or Witchfire that leave a burning effect on the boss is pretty useful during this battle. The Handler’s companion is also quite useful during the battle as it can actively damage the boss, especially in the first and second phases.

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