How To Get The Star Eagle Ship

Want to get a free Class A ship in Starfield? Here’s a guide explaining how.

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Starfield spaceships don’t come cheap. New ships, even Class C and Class B ones cost an eye-watering amount of credits, not to mention Class A. Having the option to obtain a completely free spaceship and a Class A one, at that, is an opportunity any player will appreciate.

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The Star Eagle Ship is the reward for completing the Freestar Collective storyline. It’s a Class A ship with impressive stats across the board, even without any upgrades. It’s obtained for free, and players don’t even need to pay a registration fee to claim it as their home ship.

Updated by Peter Hunt Szpytek on September 6, 2023: This guide was updated to include a video (featured below.)

How To Get The Star Eagle

Starfield - Emma Freestar Ranger

To get the Star Eagle Starship, you first need to join the Freestar Rangers. Here is how:

  1. Head over to Akila City in the Cheyenne System.
  2. Solve the hostage situation at Galbank by saving all the hostages,
  3. Head inside the Rock bar and talk to Emma on the second floor.
  4. Complete any mission from the Mission Board and talk to Emma again to be officially recruited as a Freestar Collecive Ranger.

This will initiate the Freestar Collective questline that involves quite a few missions and quite a bit of story, which takes about four to five hours to complete if you’re being thorough. Keep progressing the storyline until you get the option to either arrest or spare Ron Hope. Both decisions have lasting consequences, so make it carefully. After you decide Ron Hope’s fate, you will be rewarded with the Class A ship, the Star Eagle. As far as obtaining the ship is concerned, it doesn’t matter what you do with Ron Hope, just that you complete the mission.

Missions To Complete To Get The Star Eagle

star eagle ship in starfield

Following is the complete list of missions you will need to complete in order to get your hands on the Star Eagle.

  • Job Gone Wrong
  • Deputized
  • Where Hope is Built
  • Shadows in Neon
  • Surgical Strike
  • On the Run
  • First to Fight, First to Die
  • The Hammer Falls

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