Is Apple Watch Ultra 2 waterproof?

One of the benefits of the Apple Watch Ultra 2 compared to the standard Apple Watch is how useful it is for outdoor adventures and exercise. So it’s natural to wonder if it’s waterproof.

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 is actually quite water-resistant (no device is fully waterproof), meaning you can dive with it in water for brief periods of time. If you want to fully waterproof your watch, you’ll need to invest in a great Apple Watch Ultra 2 case that can seal it up and protect it from the elements.

Why the Apple Watch Ultra 2 isn’t waterproof

Officially, Apple notes that the Apple Watch Ultra 2 is water-resistant for up to 100 meters, which is around 130 feet. That means that the watch is swimproof and is certified for high-speed water sports and recreational dives of up to 40 meters. The Apple Watch Ultra 2 also meets ISO standard 22810, which is suitable for recreational scuba diving.

Apple has leaned into this water resistance with the Apple Watch Ultra series. Your watch works with the Oceanic+ app, which is basically a dive computer with planning, logging, and freediving capabilities. You can also use your watch’s compass and variometer to help with your dives.

Apple warns, however, that your Apple Watch Ultra 2 should not be used for diving below 40 meters. If you do this, you might end up damaging your watch. This is because water resistance is not permanent, and the deeper you go with your watch in water, the higher the chance the water resistance could be impacted. It

Either way, if you opt to wear your Apple Watch Ultra 2 for swimming or other tasks involving weather, it’s still good to take some precautions. You should make sure that your Apple Watch band is appropriate for water use. Thankfully, there’s a special Ocean Band you can order with your watch that’s made from titanium and is elastic.

You’ll also have to keep in mind that if your Apple Watch Ultra 2 comes in contact with chemicals, you’ll want to make sure you wash it with warm water to avoid impacting the water resistance. Finally, when using the Apple Watch Ultra 2 in water, press and hold the Digital Crown when finished with your water-based workout to clear any water from inside the watch. The speakers will play a tone to eject water.

Apple Watch Ultra 2

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 is the latest top-tier smartwatch from Apple, powered by the S9 chipset and featuring a super-bright display.

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