How Speck’s innovative ClickLock technology is elevating the iPhone 15

Apple has finally unveiled the iPhone 15 , and we’re already thinking about what accessories and phone cases we’re going to pick up on launch day. Whether you’re looking to protect your brand new device from accidental drops and scratches, or you’re after accessories that fundamentally improve the user experience, Speck has got your back with a wide range of cases and products all centered around their revolutionary new ClickLock™ technology. So what is ClickLock™, and how much of a difference does it really make?

A No-Slip Solution

With the introduction of MagSafe® in the iPhone 12, the way we wirelessly charge and accessorize our devices has completely changed. Modern phone mounts, wallet accessories and grips all utilize MagSafe® to streamline and simplify the experience, but they all share a common problem, too: the risk of slippage.

If you’re spending big on a brand new iPhone 15, there’s no way you’ll want to risk your MagSafe® accessory slipping out of place and maybe even falling onto the ground or another hard surface. That’s why Speck’s innovative ClickLock™ compatible products are such a life-saver, incorporating a magnetically attracted bolt that automatically extends when a ClickLock™ iPhone case is in close proximity. This unique feature is a huge boost for anyone relying on MagSafe® accessories, as you’ll never again need to worry about your iPhone slipping.

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So which case should you pick up? The Presidio® 2 and Presidio® Perfect-Clear cases are designed to perfectly interlock with all ClickLock™ accessories, resulting in an oh-so-satisfying click that lets you know your device is safe and secure. They’re impressive cases in their own right, too, with a range of sleek colors, 13-foot drop-tested protection technology, raised-bezel, screen and camera lens guards, and even antimicrobial protection. Both of these new cases are made from 50% recycled plastics and carry a limited lifetime warranty, so you can have confidence in your purchase. And if you’re not quite ready to make the upgrade to the iPhone 15, don’t panic! You can still take advantage of Speck’s robust ClickLock™ cases and accessories, as they’re backwards compatible with the iPhone 13 and 14.

ClickLock™ Accessories 

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